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stage : District 9

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stage : District 9

[ Bang Chan P.O.V ]

- opening 3rd eyes memory-

"chan my dear, what do you want to be when you grow up?"
"I want to be a doctor! i can save people's life"
"That's a good one dear,"

-august 23-

chan cries as he held his mother in his hands.
his tears dripped to her face that is full of wrinkles and blood
he shouldn't do it
he wonder why did he do it
he wanted to stop the time and walk to his house back
he wish he had never went out that night
he wish his mother wouldn't commit suicide

-january 18-

"it's a surprise to see you here. we thought you would never accept our request,"
"i never intend to. i just got some problems,"
"i see. well then, get into that tank and drown yourself,"
chan could only nod in fear
"i'll see you soon, mom,"

"chan, you up?" for a second, i couldn't comprehend what had happened. my eyes bore right into the clear sky as the birds fly through the air in a pack forming a line that took a  shape of v. the quiet serene hits me hard and i quickly get on my feet trying to take in the scenery that i have never seen before. a calm atmosphere soothes me as i saw the others waking those who have not yet to wake up. i look at them with relief in my eyes as woojin smiles at me.

"jeongin was the first one to get up. he said he nearly cried when he saw us lying on the ground. breathless,"

i chuckles and lets out a small sigh before a sudden realization hits me.
"where are we?"

"behind the 9th wall. the tremors and light knocks us pretty bad but i don't know how we actually got here. our clothes are all tidy and clean,"

i look at the others who are walking towards us, not caring the fact that our clothes are all perfect. once all of us gathered in a circle, we remain silence before seungmin speaks up.

"do you guys remember anything?"
seungmin hesitantly say, his hands grip the end of his shirt tightly almost as if he wanted to hold in his tears. jisung beams upon the question.

"i do! i got this memory of me having a perfomance in my school and everyone cheer at me! man, i never think i have the guts to do that!! i'm so cool though,"

"i remembered that i have a puppy named kkami," hyunjin states with a small smile and a tint of pink hues on his cheeks.

"oh, i see. well then, chan where are we? i th-thought we have made it to the exit," seungmin looks at the surroundings before turning and locking his eyes to me. the atmosphere becomes tense as none of us dare to speak, afraid that it could make us more worried.

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