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Stage: Hellevator

[ Kang Ha-Neul P.O.V ]

"Hey, Jeongin, how about you take the newbie outside? You know give her some fresh air," I hear Woojin's voice. All of them begin to do their own bussiness meanwhile I'm standing here doing nothing that's until Jeongin, the boy walks to me with a shy smile. Aww, so cute.

"I would love too, Woojin hyung. C'mon greenie, let's go," I stand there and I swear I heard Woojin's snickers at the back. I turn my head to him and then to Jeongin back. He was stiffling a laugh. "Who, me?"

"Of course you greenie, who else?" Jeongin giggles sending me to flush in embarrasment. "But my name is not greenie. In fact, I don't even know my name," the boy pats my shoulder, his braces showing as he flash a grin. "Don't worry about that,"

I think my heart skip a beat.


I walk with Jeongin, following him at the back as I kick small pebbles on the ground. "I thought I was the last one to arrive here," he said catching my attentions as I look at him. My ears perk up. "What do you mean the last one to arrive?"

He opens the main door and quickly my jaws drop. "All the hyungs told me that we are inside a program. I don't know what is the name of the program and what is their objective but they said that they will be only nine people in it,"

In front of me in about a few metres lies a huge high wall as if it is a barrier to seperate our place from the outside. "And here you are-" he looks at me with a confused smile. "The only girl. We didn't expect you to arrive," he lets out a sigh and runs a hand through his silky black hair.

I tried to break the silence between us. "How did I arrive?"

"You came with the supplies of the month, Minho hyung notices you first. 'It's a girl' he said and that sends us beyond shock. There you were sleeping soundly and you woke up but soon you fell unconcious as your head hit the metal. You hair was a mess and you had a note on your hand," he explains as I listen attentively.

"What note?" I question with an eager voice but he shrugs. "They never told me what the note was,"

Another silence makes its way between us. The soft breeze of air past through us as my hair flows a little. The sun sets making the cloud to be orange and reddish. "When I arrived here, I was beyond scared. I had no one to tall too," he smiles at me as we sit on the ground. The valley and the nice atmosphere soothes me. "That only last for a few days until Minho hyung came,"

"Minho? Is he that one person to give messages to other person? You know like a communication person?" I ask and I notice that I couldn't elaborate the thing that I want to say clearly. Jeongin laughs and shakes his hand "No no no. He's just friendly that's all. He came and say 'Hey, I'm Lee Minho, call me Minho' in a funny tone as he makes a small gesture," I can imagine it for a little and I laugh. Jeongin's cheek had a pink hue on it.

"Minho hyung and I became friends and eventually all of became my friends, one after another,"

I smile at his sentences. "Do you know your name when you first arrived," he shook his head. Suddenly, we feel a low shaking and a movement. Both of us stand up and I starts to panic. Jeongin holds my hand "We have to go ins-" I hear a screeching sounds. It is from the wall and as I squints my eyes, I notice that the wall is moving.

"No time to explain, we need to get inside. It's dangerous for us here,"



All of them look at me, Jeongin tries to stop me but he eventually falls to the ground, panting. "She's too fast," he gasp for air and coughs. My jaws open wide and my hands tremble. "IT MOVE," I slightly pull my hair and lets out a groan. Chan comes closer and grabs both of my hand from doing so with a gentle grip. "Calm down, little girl,"

"H-how can I calm down when the wall just M-MOVE," he laughs and ruffles my hair. Jeongin come from behind and pats my shoulder. "Don't worry, greenie. It's not a big deal," I lets out a slow yet heavy sigh. What's wrong with this world? Or even program. The wall just move on it's own and it creates eight passages and one close passage. I rubs my temple. "I'm scared,"

Jeongin quirks his eyebrow "For what exactly? The wall or the program?"

I look away from him."The wall," he stiffens a laugh making me to smack his shoulder and pouts while crossing my arms. "Don't be greenie. There's nothing for you to be afraid of. Besides, we're here," I blush at his remark and I see him walking to Minho I guess? His smiles make its way to his lips, his braces showing as he laughs. My heart skip a beat and my cheeks grow hot and I gulp slowly. "Uwah, Jeongin is really handsome," I blurted out my thoughts and quickly covers my mouth in an embarassed way. I hope no one hear that.

"Hey, little girl come here for a sec," I turn my attentions to the voice and I see Hyunjin on his knee with Seungmin, his hands on his knees. I make my way to them, hands still covering my mouth. By the time I arrive, both of them look at me with a suspicious and frustrated face. Hyunjin's hand covered in a black charcoal and his face had some black coal on it. Though he is a mess, I have to admit that he still looks nice.

"Do you have any idea about this?" he say with a hoarse voice. It must happened because of the earlier incident. He was shouting with Felix. I look at him and he shows me a note.

She's the one ever

I shook my head and slowly uncovers my mouth. "I don't know any-"

A shot of pain rushes through my head as my breath hitched. A sudden memories flashes upon my mind and it shows all of them, the nine boys in a place, some of them were blindfolded. I saw Felix and Jeongin. Jeongin held my hand and our forehead touches and after that I saw a bleeding Felix.

I scream in agony as I drop to the ground. My hands hold my head as I try to get rid of the memories that come to me one by one. Sweats cover my forehead and I pant for air.

"CHAN, SHE NEEDS HELP!" Hyunjin? Is that Hyunjin.

"IS SHE OKAY? GREENIE DON'T DIE," I bet that's Jeongin.

Slowly yet swiftly, darkness consume me and I once again fell in a deep sleep.


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