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Stage: Hellevator

[Kang Ha-Neul P.O.V ]

Real name : none

I sighs in defeat as I tries to recall my real name. I sat on the pink couch in the living room and curl up into a ball, laying down on the bed. A strand of hair falls down and covers my face when I release a rather huge amount of carbon dioxide, sighing deeply to my thoughts. 'How long did Jeongin took to remember his name?' I questions to myself. It was night time and the rest seems like they still have a lot of energy as they all play around while waiting for dinner. The clanking sounds from the kitchen and the two figures of Woojin and Chan's  behind the glossy window as they work together on making dinner. They both resembles mom and dad so much and I miss them.

"Little girl? You're sleepy?" I jolts from the sound and quickly sits up as I turn to the voice. It was a boy with a red haired colour and a soft eyed smile on his face, his hands behind his back as he shyly giggles. "Just wait for a few more minutes and it will be served," his voice is so soft like a lullaby to my ears. His eyed smiles makes my heart flutters and blush a little. From this point, I remember the person's name, he was one of the three person that came back from the run on my first day here. "You're Seungmin right?" he places himself besides me as I gave him some space. He literally gasp upon my statement and nods rapidly. "Kim Seungmin," the boy had a pink hue tinted on his cheeks as he gives me a smile and grabs my hand for a handshake which I accept it with pink cheeks and smiles. "Sorry, I do not know my name," he giggles and ruffles my hair. "Don't worry, shank. It takes us a long period of time to remember our name. I remembered my name like two or three weeks after I was sent here,"

I gasp and nods, my mouth hanging akward before I curl myself up into a ball once again. Akward silence feels the air as I hope that he will break the silence but looking at him, he was making a thinking face which I assume he is trying his hard to think and bring the conversation to life. Before Seungmin speaks, Chan calls all of us since the dinner is ready to be eat. Seungmim smiles and grabs my hand before dragging me to the kitchen.

The utensils was normal, it was silver and it was plain as a white sheet. The foods are scrumptious and I swear I could literally drool. Seungmin pats a seat besides him and I quickly make my way there, in front of me sat down Jisung as he pouts and watch Jeongin with guilt washes all over his face. "Jisung hyung, don't worry about him. He'll be fine and I'm sure he already forgive you," I comforts the boy as I reaches his hand and squeeze it gently. Upon this action, Jisung snaps and turns to see me in a flustered state as he smiles and nods an 'okay'. While letting go of his hand, I didn't notice that Felix were looking at the both of us with a scoff and disgusted face. All of us begin to savour our foods and I swear that this is like the best food I had so far and quickly I compliment Chan and Woojin making the both two blush a red shade colour and the rest of us laugh. We finished our food and all of us decided to call it a day.


"Seungmin, come on we got to go," Chan's voice echoes in the mansion as I steps out from my bed with a bed hair and as I rubs my droopy eyes. Seungmin, Chan and Minho are in a neat and comfy uniform, a backpack carried at their back and Seungmin ties his shoes. The boy notices me and I don't know if he blush or not but his face is kind of red. I make my way to him, yawning in the progress and he stands up, his hand adjusting his backpack and his clothes. "Little girl, you should be sleeping, it's still early for you to wake up,"

"Where are you three going?" I yawn again, covering my mouth and squints my eyes a little. It was still dark and I could barely see his face if it wasn't from the light of the moolight that shines through his face. He ruffles my hair "We're going out for a while, okay? Take care and go to sleep," he bids me goodbye and starts running to Chan and Minho and they three pick up their pace as they opens the door, bidding me goodbye and runs out from the mansion. I quickly make my way to my room and continues my sleep.

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