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Stage : Hellevator

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Stage : Hellevator

[ Kang Ha-Neul P.O.V ]

minho! run faster
look out!! shuck it
greenie noo don't go!
minho oppa wait-

"hey, haneul you okay there? Can you hear me?" I blink a few times, watching how jeongin's face morphed into a worried expression. his hand holding mine tightly as the warmth of his body was transferred into mine. well if that's even possible.

"ye-yeah, i'm fine. just got a few headache. that's all," it's true, i didn't sat any lies. the heat of the sun shoots throught the dry atmoshpere, the lack of water supplies make my lips goes dry and i am sure that jeongin can see how pale my face is even though we just ate. the reason why i got headache often is not only because of the sun but the amount of hours we all have been walking towards the 9th wall, hoping for some sort of shelter or even help. though the amount of hope leaving my body as day pass, i couldn't help but to stay strong and stick with them. of course, i was the one whom suggest to go there so it's better than not to try anything.

"your face got a lot more paler that just now. here, drink some water," jeongin insists as he shoves his water bottle to me and instantly, guilty washes over me as i shook my head. "it's yours, i can't take it,"

"we need you to stay alive,"

alive. i deadpans over his word and hesistantly take the water, muttering a small thank you before a gulp down the water two times, in a small amount. "drink more," he said and i take one more before closing the cap, sighing in relief and giving it back to him. "i'm sorry,"

"it's okay haneul. you don't have to be sorry plus i know that we're almost there," the confidence tone that he use when he speak just now make me curious on how he was so sure that we will be arriving soon. "look up haneul,"

the moment i look up, my sight was greeted by the tall and enormous wall standing a few metres from us. the giant made iron wall and how some fresh vines hanging at some places in the wall. the small hole and scratches of bird's claw. is it even a bird? i couldn't catch it. the claw seems to be more big than a bird's claw. the thought of something else send shivers down to my spine and jeongin notices this. he draws circle on my back to soothes me. "it's going to be okay. i promise you,"



the others laugh at them including me and jeongin. of course, both of us turn to look at the thing jisung said just now and was taken aback ny how big the thing was and quickly walks away from that thing. "that's gross," i nod and pretends to vomit and the rest of the walk is fill with the silence and some bickering or even the whsipers of the wind.


"tell me a joke,"

"what goes down and never goes up,"

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