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Stage: Hellevator

[ Kang Ha-Neul P.O.V ]

"Wh-what?" the youngest said, Yang Jeongin. I turns my head towards him and shivers slightly. "O-oppa," he jolts and blushes a little as he starts to sweat. As if reality hates me, the aching pain from the fresh wound make me stumbles a little and Minho quickly caught me from falling backwards. Weird noises and words start to lingers in my mind and I groans in pain.

Get out from there
You're not safe

"W-we have to get out, now before it's too late," Minho releases me with a confused look as I make my way towards Seungmin whom holding the bandages to wrap it around my shoulder earlier. "Please make it quick and less painful, Seungmin oppa," he blushes and nods before quickly yet tightly wrapping it. I bite my bottom lips as I try to prevent any yelps or screams from coming out of my mouth. The boys who held Felix tightly onto the ground releases him after kicking away his knife and tie his hands together with a rope. He groans in annoyance as he stomps away from them and goes toward me, I shivers and look at the ground. "I told you that you're a murderer. Now I don't have anyone to object my option to kill you," he smirks evilly once he saw I jolts in fright and Seungmin who is finished with his job suddenly gives him a death glare and a low growl. "Although she's a murderer, she is our last key. She is the last one," Seungmin shows him a piece of paper that I recognized from a long time ago. It was the paper that Hyunjin gave to me which cause me to collapsed.

She's the one ever

Before Felix could mutter any words, a loud bang from the door shook us and the sounds bounce inside the huge mansion. It was Changbin, his hoodie is slightly drop down revealing his face a little. The face that shows sign of...fear? "We got to go, now. The greivers are coming," he pants for air and Chan had a shocked expression once he heard the boy's words. The others begin to panic and Jeongin is shivering too much until his knees are about to give up. All of us gathered in a circle and Chan telling out his plan to us with a serious face and tone. "Okay we have to split right now, Woojin you go wi-"

A metal clanking sounds, a whirring sounds and a loud moans coming from the door. Chan turns his head slowly and his expression drop into a scared one. "Are you kidding me," A loud whirring can be heard from them as I covers my ear and squints my eyes. The mechanical spider thingy which I assumes as a griever make its way towards us and not only one but there's three of them. Their eyes turn red when they saw us and I swear my heart drops when Chan curses loudly as he demands us to run away from it.

The griever didn't stop so does us. I run as fast as I could but the throbbing pain makes me want to scream loudly. One of the griever rolls up into a ball and sprinting towards us in an incredible speed. It was heading towards Minho and Jisung but they quickly split and the thing hit the wall. "Guys, over here!" Woojin exclaims and we run towards him. Heavy panting and sweats drop from our faces as the boy who called us opens up the door and gestures us to run from the big mansion leaving the grievers chasing after us as Jeongin sprints forwards leaving us behind for a little. I awe at his speed but a splash of worried feelings consumes me once he almost trip on his pace.

"Ahh! Shuck it!!" an agonizing scream from Jisung as his right thigh had a long cut on it from the grievers making us all to slow down a little and look at him. Minho make his way to help him standing up as he look back with a shocked face and beads of sweat cover his forehead. "Since when they can throw things!?" I look at the back, running endlessly as I saw the three machine throwing sharp and dangerous object towards us. They never stop until they got us, they continue to throw things at us and we tried our best to dodge it while carefully not tripping in our pace because of the rather big branches that fall from the trees. There's no  sound of birds, the sun beams brightly causing some of us to pant heavier than before. Our legs feel like they're about to give up as each of us push ourselves to our limit.

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