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Stage: Hellevator

[ Kang Ha Neul P.O.V ]

"Ha-neul, can I sleep with you?"

Shock, utter shock. I look up to the voice and I saw Seungmin who was blushing red, his eyes avert my gaze as he shyly scratches his cheeks. "I- I uh, I know that if you don't want to but it's okay," he said with a trembling voice as he turns and walks away from me but I quickly grab his wrist making him to look at me with a shock face. He was trying to control his trembling state as he looks at me and I reply with a smile. "I would love to sleep with you, Seungmin oppa," I pulls him so that he is sitting right besides me and I almost tease him for being so red and shaky. He couldn't help but to smile but then again, he tried to hide it by covering his face with his hand as he turns away from me. I giggles and release the grip from his wrist making him to jolts a little as he look at me with wide eyes.

"C'mon, everyone had gone to sleep already. Won't you?" I lean against the tree behind me. Seungmin shyly nodded and he lets out a shaky breath as he fidgets in his place. I have to admit it but he's kind of cute it makes me want to pinch his cheeks which I did making the boy to stutter and stare at me with wide eyes and embarrassed face. Later then, he lets out a giggles and pulls me into a hug which I gasp a little but quickly I relaxes under his touch when he caress my hair, gently. Hugging my body and swaying it from side to side, humming a tune and I took a little peek on him only to saw him smilling a little like a gentle mother would do. "I have to take care of you first. Go ahead, sleep, Ha-neul," and I did. Taking in the sweet cologne of Seungmin as he kisses the top of my head, his body leaning against the tree and slowly, he pats my back while I drifts to dream. Surely for tonight, I will be getting sweet dreams instead of nightmares.

The stars shine, the soft breeze blows and Seungmin's soft humming washes away all my worries as I lowkey think that this is a peaceful life.


Sounds of chirping from the birds and the sunshine beams brightly, the gentle breeze and rustling from the tree was the sound that I heard when I wake up. I rub my eyes as I look to my surrounding and saw Jeongin besides me, his head on my shoulder as he snores softly. The fox from last night didn't tried to escape instead it remains in Jeongin's embrace, snuggling into it. I smiles at the scene and I search for Seungmin, eyes dotted to every places and angles but Seungmin was no where to be found. I scrunches my face as I feels someone tugging the hem of my shirt. Looking to the direction of where the forces come, I saw Seungmin, his head on my laps as he looks up at me with a soft smile before he nuzzles my thighs which cause ms to giggles.

"Good morning, Ha-neul,"

I smile before he sits up and then presses his forehead against mine as I jolts and looks at him with confused face, a tint of pink dust stained my cheeks. He giggles before pulling away. "You smell nice though, after a day without bath," he compliments and I was about to laugh but a fox jump to Seungmin's face and the boy falls to his side. "Se-seungmin!"

Jeongin's laugh burst in the air as the fox snuggles into Seungmin's face which cause him to lets out a few groans and screams as the fox begin to somewhat kiss the boy. "That's right boy! Kiss him, lick Seungmin's hyung face," Jeongin falls backward since he's laughing way too much. Seungmin successfully stops the fox from doing anything further but the fox struggles to get out from his grips and it seems that the fox grow attach to Seungmin. Well, only for a short period.

"Seungmin, Ha-neul, Jeongin. C'mon the food's ready," Hyunjin came out of nowhere and the three of us look to the boy who stood with his hand on his hips and smiles softly. "Y'all had a good night sleep, aight?" we nodded and Hyunjin chuckles when he saw that the fox was snuggling in Seungmin's chest. "What? I thought the fox grew attached on Jeongin last night,"

Upon hearing Hyunjin's voice the fox looks towards him and lets out a small squeal before jumping out from Seungmin's grips and rushes towards the older boy. He jolts when it circles him on the ground before rubbing itself against Hyunjin's legs, signalling him to pick it up which he did and the fox quickly snuggles into Hyunjin's neck.

I deadpans upon watches this as I lets out a sigh. "This fox sure likes handsome boys,"


Note : im a bad author

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