Chapter 3

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The next morning I went to school and put the poster inside my book bag.

I went inside the classroom and thankfully he was there already and Misun too so I started preparing.

I was taping the poster to my chair when this kid just grabbed my hand and dragged me out. Then, he took me the janitor's closet and slammed the door shut.

"WHAT YOU DO THAT FOR!" I was going to get out of the closet when he just pulled me back.

"What do you think you are doing? I read your poster!" He was furious.

"I am not going to disturb you so just leave me alone!" I said, but then he left and slammed the door at my face. I quickly followed him to class and continued with my plan.

I called Misun over and she took a seat. It went really well, I had 30 minutes before class started so I was able to get $150! Wow, I'm going to be rich, maybe having this annoying ugly kid next to me isn't that bad.

When class started he didn't even look at me. I guess he must have been really mad but hey, all the girls did was stare at him, they didn't even talk or get really close to him.

Class ended and I saw that my notebook had a post-it note on it. "Meet me at the janitor's closet after class" I quickly looked inside the class but he wasn't there so I packed my stuff and went to the janitor's closet.

When I went in I felt a hand grab me and push me to a wall.

"You are not doing that tomorrow!"
He was staring at me and my heart was yeeting itself out of my body.

"The ONLY person that will sit next to me is YOU!" He was furious even his ears were red.

"I- WAIT you don't tell me what to do!" I wasn't giving up so easily.

He got closer to me and whispered in my ear. "This is my only warning"
He left and I sat down at the floor. I was speechless but what CAN he do to me?

I went home and thought about if I should still do it tomorrow or not. I mean it is a lot of money and I really want to buy myself a new PC. I quickly did the math and if I get another $150 tomorrow, with the money I earned today and my earnings I could afford it.

I decided to just do it ONE more time, I mean it's not like he can kill me or anything.

The next morning I got to class and there were like 50 girls waiting for me. They all had money in their hands, and they were pushing each other. OMG! What have I done? Then Jin, yes I called him by his name cause I feel bad, comes in the classroom, looks at me and all the girls and quickly makes a run for it.

I quickly dismissed all the girls and went after him. I checked everywhere but I didn't see him. Then I went to the janitor's closet since that's the only place no one goes to.

He was there sitting down at a corner with his head down. My heart dropped, I just wanted to hug the poor guy.

I quietly sat next to him and he looked at me and said, "Look, if you're that desperate for money, I'll help you but please don't do what you did, it makes me feel anxious with all those girls staring at me. I can't concentrate."

I was so mad at myself, I didn't even think about what it could do to him. Then a tear dropped from his eyes. I quickly gave him a hug.

"I'm so sorry I promise I won't ever do that again." He got up and I did too.

"I didn't mean to cry, it's just sometimes I wish I wasn't this handsome. You know it's a lot of work and responsibility. But don't worry, you will never be able to understand with that ugly face."

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