Chapter 9

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*Cailey’s POV*

Jason and I stand in the same spot for a few more minutes, just to be sure that Jaedyn has left. I take a quick look and I no longer see Brandon’s car. “Okay. I think she’s gone. Let’s get out of here.” Jason nods and we start to walk away holding hands.

We arrive at Don’s. “Do you want to stop here and eat?” Jason points at Don’s. “Sure. I’m getting pretty hungry.” We get to the door and he opens it for me. “Thanks Hun.” I smile at Jason as I walk by him. He smiles back. “Sure babe.” Once inside we stand in line and decide what we are going to order. I get the meat lover’s trio pizza and Jason orders a sub. We sit down and wait.

Jason starts looking around. “What’s wrong honey?” He looks a little tense. “Isn’t this the place where Peter works?” I shake my head. “Yes, but you don’t have to worry about him. He knows about us and promised me he would NOT tell anyone about us.” He sighs. “He may know about us, but I still don’t like him. I think he has it bad for you.” I laugh and spill some of my drink.

“What’s so funny?” I try to stop laughing, but the thought just makes me laugh even more. Finally after laughing for a good three or so minutes, I take a deep breath. “Ah. Peter doesn’t have it bad for me. He’s in love with Jaedyn.” He cocked his head to one side. “What? Really?” Then he got a worried look. “What now?” He hesitated. “Won’t that put us at risk? He could tell her about us.” I shake my head again. “No honey. He is VERY good at keeping secrets. Even though he doesn’t know about Jaedyn, he knows some of my other secrets. Like us being together still.” He nods his head a little. “Oh. Okay, got it. I’m glad he won’t tell her.”

*Peter’s POV*

I’m behind the counter at the cash register when I see Cailey and Jason walking and holding hands. I can’t believe I agreed not to tell Jaedyn about them. Why did I do such a thing? I watch them as they walk towards the door. They must be coming here to eat. I don’t want to have to deal with them. “Hey, Sarah. Could you take over for me? I’m going on break.” Sarah lets out a loud sigh. “Fine. Whatever.” She walks over to me and shoves me out of the way.

“Thanks.” I walk to the back where only employees are allowed, go into the manager’s office and watch Cailey and Jason through the monitor. Gus, the store’s owner, set up surveillance cameras. I can watch them without them knowing that I am here.

I can’t really tell what they are saying, but I’m sure it’s not good. Just have that ‘gut’ feeling. It’s been awhile since they got here. I wonder how long they plan on staying here. Maybe Cailey wants to talk to me or something. I don’t feel like talking to her or Jason.

I’m sitting there thinking about how horrible of a person Cailey is when my mobile buzzes. I look and see that Jaedyn’s calling me. “Yup.” I’m still watching Cailey and Jason. “Hey, Peter. It’s Jaedyn.” Silly chick. I know it’s her. “Hey. What’s up?” I could hear her take a breath. “I have a huge favor to ask.” I sigh. I knew it. Another one. They just love to call me and get money from me or ask if I could bring them a ‘free’ pizza. “What is it?” She’s quiet. I hope she doesn’t ask me for money or ‘free’ pizza.

“I need somewhere to hide out. And you can NOT tell anyone where I am. Please?” I gasp, but not too loud. I hope Cailey doesn’t have anything to do with this. “Are you in danger?” She doesn’t answer. “Jae! Are you in danger? Where are you? I’m coming to get you.” I can hear her breathing. “No, I’m not in any danger…Well, not that I know of. I found something out and I don’t trust anyone, but you. I also don’t know who all knows about the information I found and I want to be able to read what I found out before I talk to those involved in this.”

I let out a sigh of relief. Good. “Okay. Where are you? I’ll come get you.” She hesitated at first. “I’m in Brandon’s car. He let me borrow it.” I have to think of something, quick. “Okay. Go home and I’ll pick you up there.” I could hear her make some ‘hmm’ sound. “Why? Wouldn’t it be better if I parked nearby and then I could ride with you?” I sigh. “If you leave his car nearby, then they will know that you came to me and then they would end up looking for you at my place. If you leave his car at home, then they will think you left it there to go to the park or over to Cailey’s house.” She scoffs a little. “Duh. Silly me. Okay. I’ll text you when I get to my house and I’ll meet you at the park by my house.”

She can be really daft sometimes, but…Anyways. I see Cailey and Jason leave. I take this opportunity to go back out front. “Okay. See you soon.” She hung up. I hang up too. I walk up to Sarah and Blake. “Hey. I have a family emergency. I’ll be back.” They both sigh. I turn and start to walk away, but turn to them. “Don’t mess up. If you two screw up, we all get in trouble, just keep that in mind.” I turn again and walk out. I must get to Jaedyn. I get in my car and head over to the park.

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