Chapter 26

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*Peter’s POV*

“Are you sure she’ll turn her mobile on?!?” I sigh. “Yes Sam. I’m sure.” He gives me a dirty look. “I know because she gets bored easily. She’ll turn her mobile on and then you can send the messages to her.” He sighs. “You know I hate waiting.” I nod. I know more than you think, brother. Mum walks in. “Hello my handsome boys.” Sam grunts. “I am NOT a boy, mum.” She smiles.

“I know, but you’ll always be my baby boys no matter what age you are.” She walks over to Sam and gives him a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek and then does the same to me. She starts talking about her plan when the computer starts beeping. “She really did it.” Sam gives me a shocked look. “Told you.” Mum claps. “Good. Now we can begin.”

*Jaedyn’s POV*

I’m not entirely sure where to go, but I am using my memory to get back to the food place and then go to Max’s from there. I really hope I don’t get lost. It takes me about thirty minutes to get back. Thankfully, I didn’t get lost. I recognized the area from when Jack was driving. I make my way to Max’s house.

As I pull up the drive, I get a bad feeling…like something bad is going to happen. I don’t even get out of the SUV. I put the gear in reverse and head back in the direction I came from. I still have that bad feeling and I’m starting to get paranoid. I begin checking my mirrors constantly to see if anyone’s following me. I haven’t noticed anything until I turn and see a white truck three cars behind me. It looks like they are following me, but I’m not sure.

I make my way to the library. The white truck is still behind me. As I continue my drive to the library, I keep checking to see if the white truck is following me. Just when I thought it wasn’t, I see it again when the big truck behind me turns. Now the white truck is now just one car behind me.

I’m down the street from the library and there’s not much traffic. I get closer to the light and am thinking about running through it, but thought better not to. Once I am stopped, I start tapping my fingers on the steering wheel. It’s a habit that I started when I was younger…tapping my fingers on things. I do it when I get really nervous.

I begin to watch an older woman as she walks across the street. Just before the light turns, the glass to my window breaks and a man wearing all black reaches in and unlocks my door. He has black gloves and a mask on and he opens my door, reaches over me, cuts my seatbelt with a knife and drags me out of the SUV. He puts a white cloth over my mouth and nose and the last thing I think of is Jack and Grandpa Max.

*Jack’s POV*

I hope Jaedyn and Max are doing alright. I needed to get away from everything. It was just too sudden for me and with losing those closest to me, it makes it even hard. Looking at Jaedyn is harder than I thought. She looks so much like her mum. I care deeply for her, even though Ianto and I had hooked up a few times before I met Charlie and then Ianto and I were in a relationship after she passed. It’s been hard on me.

I think I’ve been gone long enough. I need to talk to Jaedyn about her mum. I’m sure she has a lot of questions for me. Now that I’ve had time to myself and really thought about what I want, I will be more willing and able to answer her questions. I get back into my car and head back to my hideout. I don’t get even half way there when my mobile rings.

“Captian Jack-“ I was immediately interrupted. “Jack! Jaedyn’s gone! I fell asleep watching t.v. and when I woke, I didn’t see her. I went outside to look for her and saw that your black SUV is missing. Jack…I. I don’t know where she is.” I could hear Max begin to cry a little. “I’ll find her. You stay there in case she comes back.” Max doesn’t say anything right away. “Okay. Call me if you need anything.”

“I will.” We hang up and I turn around and head back in the other direction. Damn it Jaedyn! I told you to stay there! Why the hell did you leave? I rush back to Max’s thinking that’s where she might have gone when I pass my SUV. I make a u-turn again and pull up behind it. I get out and see glass everywhere. Damn! Just before I could do anything another car pulls up.

Two people get out. A young man and woman. “There he is.” The young man says to the woman. They walk up to me. “Hello Jack. I’m Cailey.” She holds out her hand. I just stare at her. She puts her hand down. “Okay. I am a close friend to Jaedyn and I know she’s in danger. I was hoping you could help us find her.” I scoff. “Why would I do that?” She gets this worried look on her face. “Jack. Peter’s alive and I think he and his brother are trying to hurt Jaedyn.”

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