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Torchwood Is My Home (A Janto Fanfic) by vulcan_sweetheart
Torchwood Is My Home (A Janto Fanf...by Gale
The home is where the heart is, right? And the Heart of Ianto Jones belongs to Jack Harkness. And Jack's heart is Torchwood's. Ianto has never felt love like this, and n...
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The Weeping Angel by rhoizm
The Weeping Angelby De Lioncourt
Aranwen Louna Esther Raven thought she was normal in every way. Despite her ability to see auras, and make people disappear with one touch (Not to mention her grey hair)...
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Juliet and the Doctor (Doctor Who Fanfic) by WriterChick101
Juliet and the Doctor (Doctor Who...by Madison
"Doctor, Doctor, please come help me!" Who knew that this was what started it all, that caused the Doctor to find a little orphan by the name of Juliet. What w...
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When We Travel | Whouffaldi by GoldenEnderFox
When We Travel | Whouffaldiby GoldenEnderFox
When We Travel | Whouffaldi Doctor Who story! Missy and Jack Harkness are on a mission to bring the Doctor and Clara closer together. Ashildr and Jenny also help along t...
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Tears of the Phoenix Of Time (A Torchwood Fanfiction) - Completed by HartXII
Tears of the Phoenix Of Time (A To...by HartXII
The Phoenix is a Time Lord, but she doesn't remember. After using her Chameleon Arch she crashes to Earth and gets caught up in a whirlwind of humanity, Torchwood and Ca...
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Torchwood Is My Heart by vulcan_sweetheart
Torchwood Is My Heartby Gale
*SEQUEL TO TORCHWOOD IS MY HOME* Ianto Jones is finally happy. He has a gorgeous husband and a baby on the way, yet something still feels wrong. Will he conquer the trou...
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Doctor Who Prefrences by Maise_Kasper
Doctor Who Prefrencesby Masie Holmes
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The Harkness twins - tenth doctor x reader  by justSomePhanfictions
The Harkness twins - tenth doctor...by IamSherlocked
You are the twin sister/brother of captain jack Harkness you haven't heard from him for years and you truly believe he didn't make it that is until you meet the doctor...
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SuperWhoLock Daddy-Daughter Preferences by KissDaCheeseCake
SuperWhoLock Daddy-Daughter Prefer...by KissDaCheesecake
What the title says
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The Time Travelers Wife by Justeen_96
The Time Travelers Wifeby Justeen
The Doctor has crash landed his beautiful Tardis. Again. Right into someone's flower garden! The house, painted white and trimmed blue holds a very special someone. Actu...
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Let Me Heal You (Tenth Doctor x Jack Harkness) by Clover778
Let Me Heal You (Tenth Doctor x Ja...by Clover778
My arms wrap around you like a vine clinging to an oak tree. I breathe you in, filling my lungs with the heady scent of time itself; that intoxicating aroma that never f...
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A Blip in Time||Janto by meinthetardis
A Blip in Time||Jantoby e m i l y
When Ianto Jones looses his true love Liza, he tries to find love in Jack. All he feels is pain, suffering and evil, but Jack picks him up to make Ianto believe he can l...
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Jumping For The Stars by AWildHorsesFlame
Jumping For The Starsby May
She goes by many names. The adventurer, the genius; A liar, a truth seeker. But in the end, all of that won't matter any more. Why? The universe is dying, be careful wh...
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Break Me (Doctor Who Fanfiction) by InLoveWithARockStar
Break Me (Doctor Who Fanfiction)by Captain Of Awesome
―SEQUEL TO "FIX ME"― Now that the Doctor is back, things have changed. AJ believes they'll just get back to travelling, but the Doctor has other plans for her...
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Entwined by 1bluewriter1
Entwinedby I don't understand. Why do I...
The Doctor by any other name would still love as deep. The Captain by any other name would still fight as hard. Time by any other name would still keep them apart.
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Torchwood's Child by anxietyatthebanquet
Torchwood's Childby Matt
She was the abused girl with no name, that turned into the girl who was always in danger. She was Aleks Wonder, a girl who was cared for by torch wood, but was different...
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Jack Harkness x The Doctor by Danielthelion_1
Jack Harkness x The Doctorby Daniel_Truelove
it's a story about the (tenth) doctor and captain jack harkness. not much else explaining to do ;). I do not own any of the characters. The plot line is mine tho.
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Blue Lies// doctor who by mturner9532
Blue Lies// doctor whoby 👑 Morgan 👑
The three women where all from different times, but thanks to the Doctor; Oswald, Williams and Harkness can all be friends. Maeve knew she had grown feelings, but she a...
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Torchwood by Molly-Hooper5678
Torchwoodby Mrs-Robinson
Join Toshiko Sato and Ianto Jones on their, secret life outside Torchwood.
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Torchwood's Daughter by kmcnicks31
Torchwood's Daughterby Kelly
A Doctor who/ Torchwood fan fiction. This story follows a 14 year old orphan, Kelly Ryan, and her experience in Torchwood and the youngest recruit. Told from the point o...
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