Chapter 5: The Long Wait

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It has been more than a week since I met with Mr. Oda and after that, I never heard back from him. I am slowly getting worried that he might have dumped me or worst, he does not know what to do because I am his first ever client. I am regretting the fact that I didn't try to reach out few days ago, if I did, maybe he could have told me upfront that I'm on my own and I could have handled the paper works with my mother.

Yesterday, I graduated from high school but because I was too worried about my draft process, everything went by as if my mind was on auto pilot, there's nothing much that I could recall on what happened. It's not that graduating high school is not important to me but it's just my goal ever since was to become a professional hero.

My phone started to buzz from my pocket, a lot of things came to my mind; is it a message from Mr. Oda saying that he'll be dropping me as his client, is it a message saying that I am now eligible to be drafted, or maybe it's just a message from Mr. Joji giving encouraging words; I haven't heard anything from him for the past three days.

I pulled out the phone from my pocket, my hand is shaking, I slowly unlocked the phone and clicked the message. I saw the name of the sender then my heart pounded fast, it was a message from Sakura.

"Hey! How are you?" said the text message.

I responded as quick as I could "I'm doing okay, how about you?"

A few minutes passed and a response came in "I'm happy!!! I just got accepted to Kyoto University. I received the mail today".

"CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm happy for you" I responded.

"Thank you, Mr. Hero. Are you busy with the draft process?" asked Sakura.

I sighed after reading her question, I wish I was busy with the processes but I am not. What will I tell her if I get dropped by my manager because I am not good enough?

"Yes, very busy. There's a lot of papers to fill and a lot of interviews that I need to commit to" I lied.

"Nice! Being busy and popular is good, that means they are very interested in you" Sakura answered.

What Sakura said kinda hurt, she's right that if they are interested with me, I should be busy answering different companies and even getting a lot of interviews but there's nothing and it has been a long silent week.

"I hope so. Don't worry, I'll keep you updated with what will happen" I texted back.

"Okay, you know that my mom is a big supporter of you. She'll be happy if she get the news first" answered Sakura.

"I promise to give you the news first. You can count on it!" I replied.

"Thank you :)" Sakura responded.

Just seeing the smiley face emoticon reminds me of her cute smile, every time she smiles her round cheek turns red. I saw my reflection from the screen of my phone, why am I smiling?

I decided to walk to the park and clear my head, all these thinking makes me stressed out and I keep on messing with my hair.

As I walk, I recalled the day that my father got into an accident. I was six years old back then, my father is working as a fireman and they received a call that there were burning houses downtown so him along with his crew mates responded to the scene as fast as they could. The incident was being broadcast live, all the people in Chiba was tuning in to what was going on.

A total of three houses were burning and all of a sudden, one fireman came rushing in even though the fire was strong. People were gasping and the reporter was so surprised that he became speechless, then after a few minutes someone jumped from the second floor.

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