Chapter 3: Act of A Hero

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I immediately took my phone out after my class and read all the messages. I saw thirty new messages, most of the messages are from the fans who are supporting me, they usually send me encouraging words. Then I noticed that one of the messages is from Mr. Joji, I opened the message and it says that a manager from Tokyo is interested to sign me and he have set up a meeting today at dinner time.

Reality caught up, I suddenly felt nervous thinking that I am taking another step to my dream of becoming a professional hero. Speaking of taking another step, my feet felt very cold, I'm getting nervous again.

"Yo Hayato, you're spacing out again!" shouted Jin while waving.

"I have a meeting with a manager later, it just feel surreal" I answered.

Jin is my best friend, we have been friends since grade two. If there's anyone who knows the real me, it is probably him. He is way tougher than me, he fought a lot to protect me from the bullies when we were younger. Being special means that there are other people who sees you as an obstacle that they need to trample just to prove that they are better than the supposedly called "Special" people. It was all thanks to Jin that no one messed with me, he practiced martial arts so no one really can match him in a fight.

"Wow! I'm excited for you, Hayato. Do you think the manager is from one of the top hero agency?" Jin asked.

"I'm not sure, it was not discussed to me" I answered plainly.

"Just imagine if you and Panzer have the same manager, you guys can partner up and create the best hero duo" said Jin excitedly.

I simply smiled, I don't want to raise my hopes up. I tend to think too much on possible outcomes and most of the time, I think about what I will do if I am at the worst possible situation.

"You're thinking about bad outcomes again, aren't you?" said Jin, interrupting me from thinking far ahead.

"Well, yeah. I mean, what if I get the worst manager possible and he doesn't like me? What if he doesn't give me any thing to do?" I asked.

"Stop. You are thinking too much, you can always change your manager whenever you want. You don't work for them, they work for you" said Jin.

Yeah, Jin is right that a manager can be replaced anytime. Managers are representatives that negotiate on behalf of the heroes, they can simply be fired and replaced if a hero is not happy with their service.

"You're right Jin, thanks for reminding me. I was really nervous and I forgot that they're the one who's applying to be my manager" I answered while relieving my self from stress.

"That's what friends do, I'll always provide a good insight whenever you need it" said Jin.

I was struck with what Jin said, we are good friends yet I never asked him about his plans. He always asks me about my plans and what I'm thinking but he never shared his. I felt guilty thinking that the world revolves around me and my decisions in live that I forgot about what my friend feel.

"What's your plan after high school?" I asked reluctantly.

"Me?" He asked with a very surprised look.

"Well, my goal is to become a police officer. So, I'm not sure where I'll study exactly" he continued.

Unlike professional heroes, the police force are not that celebrated. They usually handle minor incidents, and are called the assistants to the heroes.

"That's good, I'm sure that you'd be a great officer. You will definitely help a lot of people!" I answered trying to encourage my friend.

Jin laughed while shaking his head.

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