Chapter 6: Heroes History

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A day after announcing that I have officially joined the Heroes draft, I received my itinerary for the week and it seems like I have a lot to do. Mr. Oda told me that there will be written tests, physical tests and skill tests, and I should prepare for those; scouts from different companies will monitor and rate me as a prospect.

I have no problem with my physical and skills conditioning, what I'm worried about is the written tests. What would their questions be? Maybe questions about safety standards and situational cases, but isn't that kinda stupid? All aspiring heroes will definitely choose the best ways to save people, how can we profiled based on that?

But what if, the questions are about us heroes? Like how did we get these abilities, how did we become special and how did it all happened?

If that's the case, I'm pretty much prepared for it. It all began in the year of 2025, a country called China and its coalition declared war on the United States of America and its allies.

They called the event "World War", Japan then was allied with the United States of America so we have no choice but to support them in the war. For almost a month, the siege happened on the sea of China.

United States of America and its allies were winning, Germany along with its European allies pushed their way in to Russia while America, Japan and other Asian allies; worked their way in and re-conquer South Korea which was captured by China and North Korea within a week, after the war was declared.

As the allied forces worked their way in to China, the Chinese president ordered to release the apocalyptic bomb and target all countries that were against them.

We were able to intercept the missiles and it exploded in the air, China was the most affected country of the nuclear radiation which killed almost eight hundred million of their population. There were also effects in the neighboring countries, including ours.

The war ended, China and its allies Russia, North Korea and Iran were defeated. But the effect of the nuclear radiation spread world wide.

Millions were killed, three generations were affected by the radiation which created monster like babies and sadly, those babies were killed by the government.

After a hundred years; babies who looked normal but shines red in the dark were born. After a week, the glowing effect vanishes but what they found out is that those babies who were born with the glowing during their first week are stronger, faster, smarter and they started to have nonhuman abilities.

One day, a young man saved a group of people from a robbery. He was so strong that bullets could not penetrate him, one by one; he defeated the robbers and the people heralded him as a hero.

That man was Urata Miyoto, his nickname was Golden Boy. The Golden Boy became the very first hero, he started a group of people who are all special like him, they roam at night and protected the people.

They have decided to communicate with the government officials, aided with their lawyers; they were able to get the backing of the government to create the Heroes Association. For years, the heroes were earning just enough to feed their family but what they earn is really not enough for a big family. Some heroes were forced to resign and get a different job that could pay them more.

After thirty eight years, The Golden Boy retired from being a hero and started his own business. He then took another hero as the face of his company, the hero that signed with them will have to wear clothes with the branding of "Golden Food" and he has to promote it from time to time.

From there, the concept of getting heroes as brand ambassador grew and from solely working for the Hero Association; they instead work for the companies that hires them.

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