Chapter 10: The Scouting Report

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My thoughts of how I can get stronger was interrupted by the ringing of my cellphone, I could hear it from the bedroom where I am deliberately contemplating my plans.

Gerald knocked on my door he blurted that a person named Jin is showing on my caller ID. I took the phone from Gerald then thanked him for bringing it to me.

"Hayato speaking, how can I help?" I jokingly answered.

"Yo Hayato! How are you doing?" asked Jin cheerfully.

"Well, I'm still here in Tokyo. I studied a bunch of stuffs about heroes and-" I stopped because I remembered that the things I have learned were not shared to the public.

"-and I'm just a bit tired. How about you, how's your after high school life?" I continued.

"I passed the exam at Tokyo police academy, I just got the result like few minutes ago" answered Jin.

"Wow, congratulations on passing the exam! Does that mean that you will be studying here in Tokyo?" I asked.

"Not sure yet, I still have to do an interview with one of their official" said Jin.

"That's just for formality, we all know that if you passed the exam you're good to go!" I answered mockingly.

Jin chuckled and answered "We'll never know until I shake hands with the academy official".

"Oh, I saw the news last night. Your name was brought up during the talk about the prospects that looks promising" continued Jin.

"Really? I was too busy understanding and researching about the history of the heroes. Did they mention any company that is interested in me?" I asked.

"They did mention that both Moyota and Nisshin are interested. Moyota is projected to pick a prospect at number 13 then Nisshin can pick a prospect at 17" said Jin.

"13 or 17 eh? That means I'm not even at the top 10 prospects, but I guess that's okay. Turning professional is my goal anyway" I said bitterly.

"Right! Turning pro and then make the other companies regret for not picking you up early" answered Jin who is obviously trying to cheer me up.

The heroes draft works by companies taking turn to choose a prospect. Companies are being ranked based on their total accumulated points based on the resolved criminal cases, missions done, saved people and other curricular activities that helped the government.

The drafting system was made to be balanced, the first company that will pick is the company that has the lowest points last year. This helps the struggling company draft a good hero and perform better compared to their previous year performance.

An example of how a company performed better after drafting a high rated prospect is Nisshin. Ten years ago they were ranked at 17 and they never entered the top 10 companies for the past fifty years.

But after drafting Panzer, they went in the top 10 ranking just after three years, and then played between rank 2 to rank 5 for seven years in a row; Panzer helped them grow which resulted in massive sales of their products and incentives from the government.

That's why scouts are valuable assets to a company, they only hire what they consider as excellent scouts that has eyes for hidden prospects that can turn a company around. A company can only draft once a year and if they pick the wrong prospect that doesn't flourish, they'll have to suffer for the next twelve months and do the drafting process all over again.

A scout has twelve months to check all prospects, they usually start with their top 50 prospects then they try to narrow their list to top 20 within three months, after ten months they then narrow it down to five prospects based on where their company is projected to draft. There's no point scouting the best prospect if your company is listed to get a pick at 17, since they are listed to pick a draft at 17; they then study the rank 15 prospect until rank 19 or even until rank 21 prospect. This way, they don't miss their chance to pick the potential hero that fits their roster and program.

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