Chapter 2: Weird Event

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After declaring that I will get into the draft instead of going to college, I thought that that everything else will be easy, but I was dead wrong. The Heroes Association called us immediately, they congratulated me for deciding to turn professional then the lady I'm talking switch her tone from being sweet to a very formal tone while asking me who my manager is.

I looked at my mother, her eyes widened which tells me she didn't know what to say. Honestly, we didn't know that I needed a manager once I declare that I'll turn professional.

The Hero Association is there to ensure that all heroes are being protected, not be taken advantage by the system and to make sure that we are being guided properly. Their management is composed of retired heroes and lawyers that's why even the prime minister of Japan respects them.

There was an incident nine years ago when the government decided to remove the healthcare aid for the heroes because they thought that the heroes are earning more than enough for the government to cover their medical expenses. The Hero Association declared a boycott and all heroes resigned from their company, it was a massive chaos that made the crime rate almost double; the prime minister then apologized, then resigned from his post as the prime minister.

After the prime minister resigned, the senators immediately approved the bill covers all medical and death expenses of the professional heroes.

The lady that I was talking to on the other line was very nice to, she was very informative about that things that I will need to do and submit before the draft date to be considered as eligible.

"Mr. Hayato, when can we expect to talk to your manager?" the lady asked.

"I'm not sure yet, we are not even sure where we can get a manager" I answered honestly.

Joji the tv host heard my answer, he was signaled something, so I asked the lady the give me a minute.

"I might know someone who can work as your manager, he's from Tokyo and I'll talk to him for you" said Joji.

"Thanks Mr. Joji, what should I tell the hero association?"

"Tell them to you'll call them tomorrow for an update" Joji answered.

I nodded then told the lady on the other line that I'll call back tomorrow, she thanked me for my time before ending the call.

"Don't worry, we'll get this sorted kid. I'll give you an update within the day, I'll get going now" said Joji while closing the door.

I wanted to wait for Mr. Joji's update but I still have class today. It was already ten in the morning and I need to attend our marching practice. I've been thinking about all the processes that I still need to do and submit.

Somehow my thinking changed from the processes to what company might sign me, a very big company means bigger contract and a chance to get major advertisement deals worth millions.

I've always want to buy my mother a new car, what we are riding now is a twelve years old Moyota car but if I get drafted by a car company, maybe they'll give us a new car. Both my parents spent every dime on me, I'm studying in an exclusive school, they enrolled me to every heroes event so I could meet them personally and learn from them.

At home, I'm the only one who eats premium food. I remember when I was younger, I thought we were rich because I have things that other children doesn't have and my food was far better to what other kids eat.

One day my father brought home an A5 Kobe strip steak, he boasted that it is his favorite meat which is made from a rare breed of cow. My mother cooked it to perfection then handed me the meat, I offered some to both of them some but my mother said that she did not like steaks while my dad said that he already ate his share of meat while at work, so I ate it with a big smile.

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