Chapter 7: High Roller Life

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We arrived at the Tokyo Grand Hotel, my mother made me wear a black tuxedo, black ribbon bow and a white polo shirt inside. It felt uncomfortable, we bought this two years ago and I grew a few inches but even though it felt uncomfortable, my mother told me that first impression matters especially to the adult that I am meeting with; so here I am wearing this tight clothes.

"Excuse me sir, do you need assistance?" asked by a lady employee, she has this bored look as if she is only asking me because her job requires her to ask.

"Y-yes, I have a reservation. Let me just get it from my phone" I took out my phone and search for the email that Mr. Oda sent me.

"Sir, kindly seat at the lobby if you still need to find your reservation. Did you avail the Door discount?" the lady asked.

The Door discount is an application that get users up to seventy percent discount just to fill the hotel that day.

"I'm not sure, someone reserved it from me" I clicked on the attached document and handed the phone to the lady employee "Here it is".

She scanned the document and her disinterested look changed, she immediately smiled at me then handed my phone back.

"Thank you very much! Please follow me to your room" she said enthusiastically after bowing.

"Thanks!" I followed her and along the way I saw tons of people.

One, two, ten, fifteen, twenty people. Not one wearing fancy clothes, what's going on? We then entered the elevator, the female staff started talking to me again.

"Your father must be an important man?" she asked with a smile.

"Huh, what made you say that?" I answered. It must be my clothes since I'm wearing a tuxedo.

"Sorry if I asked, sir. It's just that only few and important person books the Royal Penthouse. It only get booked like, twice a year" she said.

Wow, Mr. Oda might be a big time millionaire. It never occur to me that he is very rich, he look like a muscle head guy who is just started his own business. Looks can really be deceiving.

"Oh I get it, you must be a celebrity! Are you a Korean celebrity?" the female staff asked "Saranghae!"

"No, I'm not." I answered, why would I be a celebrity and what is saranghae? "I'm a hero prospect that is entering the draft".

"W-what, no way!" she exclaimed.

"Yes, I am. My manager, Mr. Oda booked the room for me" I explained.

"O-oh, that explains it. You are working with Mr. Oda, you are in good hands" She said with a smile.

"Do you know him?" I asked.

"Yes! He usually stays here like twice a month, he is a very busy business man. We usually tend to his needs whenever he has business meetings" she said.

The elevator stopped moving then a soft voice from the machine said that we are at the top floor. The two of us walked out of the elevator, there was only two rooms available; one to the left and one to the right.

"This is your room sir. Please note that in the lobby area, you can only take the elevator four. Only the elevator four has access to the top floor and to the penthouse." the staff explained while pointing at the left door.

She then swiped her card to the door, there was three unlocking sound before the door opened.

"The door and the walls are all bulletproof, even the windows inside are bullet proof. Your butler will knock thirty minutes from now, he will cater to whatever you need. By the way, this is your VIP card key" she handed me a black card that looked like a credit card of some sort.

"T-thank you for help, Anita" I said while reading her name tag.

"Thank you sir. How should your butler call you?" she asked.

"Hayato, that's my name" I said.

"Thank you sir, I'll be going now" Anita said while heading back to the elevator.

I walked inside my room and it blew me away! The suite itself is bigger than our house, the furniture are all classy, the bed is so big that maybe five people could fit it and there's a Jacuzzi in the middle of living room. Why is there a Jacuzzi there?

I looked at the window, I could see the whole Tokyo; it is the most beautiful scene, I could even see Mt. Fuji from where I stand.

I took my phone, took a picture of the scene and posted it on my social media. This is something that I would like to remember and even share the experience to the people I know.

I stood there for a good ten minutes, this is an experience that I'd love to have as a hero. Save many lives, earn big money, live a luxurious life and help my family. I'll make sure that I kick my ass everyday to train and work hard.

The thought of being successful pumped me up that I could not wait for Mr. Oda, I clicked on the speed dial and called him.

Twelve rings have passed but Mr. Oda wasn't picking up my call so I called him again, after the eight ring he answered.

"H-hello, this is Ra- Oda speaking. Sorry, I was sleeping" he said while sounding both sleep and tired.

"I'M SORRY SIR, I'LL CALL BACK AGAIN LATER!!" I apologized before dropping the call.

What was I thinking? He is a very busy person and if he didn't answer the first few rings then I shouldn't call again. I'm getting pumped up but I shouldn't be self centered, what should I do now.

My phone buzzed and it was an SMS message from Mr. Oda "I hope you are enjooyng ther, wait me call later, sry".

Poor Mr. Oda, he must be so sleepy yet he had to send me an SMS message. I could tell that he fought hard to send me his message with all the grammatical errors.

I saw that there were tons of notification from my social media account so I opened it. There is now more than two thousand likes and hearts on the picture that I posted, that was fast.

I have twelve thousand two hundred thirty one followers, as a hero prospect, I have to make sure that my social account is active so I post at least six updates a week. As I was scrolling, I saw a post that made my knees buckle.

Sakura posted a picture four hours ago with a caption of "Here in Kyoto, good luck me for the exam. Fighting!".

I stared at her picture, she posted a selfie picture with her right hand raised with a closed fist as if asking for a fight but her face, her face look so sweet and with the most adorable smile. She looks like a cute fluffy rabbit with very pinkish cheeks.

I sent her a direct message on her account saying "Go kill the exam, fighting!".

She responded with "You are a hero, you should not promote killing and fighting. That's bad!"

I laughed because of her response, witty as ever.

"That's why you need to pass your exams, I'll need a great lawyer" I responded.

"I'll do my best Mr. Hayato! The exam is about to start. Later!" She texted back.

Looking at her picture and chatting with her made me felt relaxed, all the pumped that I felt awhile ago vanished. I know now what to do!

I turned the big wide screen television, watched a very old classic cartoon called Doraemon while relaxing at the Jacuzzi. I understand now why the Jacuzzi is in the living room, this is the life.

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