Chapter 4: The Manager

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Upon arriving at home, my mom told me to change my clothes and wear my best suit. I went upstairs, took a quick shower, wore my formal suit and sprayed myself with perfume; first impression is very important that's why I want the manager to see me as someone that knows how to present myself.

I could smell the food that my mom is making, I'm sure that she's cooking my favorite A5 Wagyu stake, just the aroma of it makes me drool.

My phone buzzed so I took it out of my pocket and saw that Sakura sent me an SMS asking what I'm doing. I sent her a message explaining that I have a meeting with a potential manager an hour from now and I'm excited for it. She responded with "I'm excited for you too, good luck and keep me posted!".

I decided not to send a message back so she wouldn't think that I'm chasing after her, but I could not control my excitement so I thought of messaging Jin and let him know that I'm about to meet the manager in an hour; then again, it's kinda awkward to communicate with him today after he told me to live his dream as a hero. I want to talk to anyone about it but I have no one to talk to.

There was a sudden knock on my bedrooms door so I opened it, it was my mother who's holding a newspaper.

"Look, there's an article about your favorite hero!" she was pointing at an article.

My favorite hero is Crusader, he debuted seven years ago and he has the ability that uses the sunlight as his weapon. One of his attack is called "Holy Strike" it's like a blinding strike that leave burn marks to those who get hit by it. He is currently rank fourteen as a hero that is why he is not as famous as Panzer who is currently rank three, Jaguar at rank two and Raging Silva at rank one.

The ranking system is a mixture of how popular a hero is and how many accomplishments they have done in a year, the top twenty usually changes every year but the top three heroes remained the same for the past ten years. Jaguar is the fastest and quickest hero; he has a score of ten in agility while having six points in strength, then they have Panzer who is the strongest with a score of ten in strength but only has four in speed. Raging Silva on the other hand is different, he has a score of eight for strength, eight for speed and nine for ability.

Both Panzer and Jaguar has no special ability, they both rely on their physical strengths, Silva has a rare ability while having outstanding physical strengths; nobody really knows what his ability is, it has been said that he takes the most dangerous missions that are confidential but from time to time he takes pro-bono missions which doesn't require him to show his ability.

That's why I like Crusader, he is just like me, he is not that strong with only five points in strength, not that fast with four points in speed but he has a rare ability fetching him eight points for it. We are opposite in terms of ability, he is stronger at day time while I am stronger at night time with my shadow ability.

If I follow his footsteps and do things correctly, I could easily be within the top twenty heroes list and earn like him. Based on the Heroes Furbis magazine report; Crusader has a monthly salary of four million yen plus his endorsement deals, hist most recent deal was with Adodos shoes, he signed a five year contract worth fifty million yen.

I was calculating how much I could earn as a rookie but my phone started ringing, to my surprise it's Mr. Joji calling so I answered the call immediately.

"We will be at your house within five minutes, I bought you your favorite chocolate caramel cake" said Mr. Joji.

"Oh, I'll go ahead and wait outside the door to welcome you. Thank you for the cake Mr.Joji, I'm glad you remembered my favorite!" I answered.

"Of course I do, you're my favorite hero, there's no way I'd forget about what you like. See you in a bit kid" said Mr. Joji sounding proud as ever.

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