Chapter 9: Exousía

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Two days have passed after my tests and interviews with the scouts of Moyota, G-Con and Nisshin along with the Heroes council representative, Mr. Saburo. I have told all the details of the interview to my manager, he told me that I answered well and that he thinks that the company scouts are interested with me; particularly Rei from Nisshin company, he called Mr. Oda and asked if I am okay to be drafted by Nisshin and be assigned to their new office in Yamaguchi.

I had a slight of hesitation, Yamaguchi is almost at the far end of Japan which is about twelve hours of travel time from Chiba. This means that I can't visit my parents as much as I want, maybe I could go get back home like once a month.

Mr. Oda left me the offer sheet of Nisshin, I checked what incentives and amenities do they offer to new hired heroes. It says on the sheet that their office in Yamaguchi has a dedicated bedroom for each heroes that are assigned there, free meal four times a day, shuttle service from Yamaguchi to Tokyo every Saturday then Tokyo to Yamaguchi every Monday, free cellphone of choice, and a free car once you resign after a year as a hero.

The deal isn't that bad, I'm especially interested about the deal of getting a car once you resign with them. I didn't expect that they would offer a car, Nisshin is a company that focuses on healthy food despite offering it as a quick to make food; like the Nisshin vegetables, you just need to add a cup of hot water and you'd get yourself a nutritious vegetable stew.

I reviewed everything on the sheet but could not find anything about salary, I'd like to know how much I could earn as a hero but I guess things like that are being discussed through negotiation.

Another thing that I learned more about is Exousía, Mr. Oda explained what it is about. Basically, a Greek scientist studied the power that resides within us and he categorized our abilities based on types such as Power, Authority, Control, and Dominion.

Power type can boost strength, agility, speed and the toughness of the skin. A great example of this is Panzer, he has so much much power in his punch that he can destroy a tank just with his bare hands.

Authority type has the ability to influence people, animals and other living things. I heard that only Raging Silva has this ability in Japan, just by mere presence; the people who fought against him felt that the pull of the gravity became so strong that they fell down to their knees, they were so scared that they might get crushed by the pull of the gravity, thus why they decided not to fight anymore and surrender in peace. They named the technique of Raging Silva the "Kings Presence", because when the police arrived, everyone was on their knee and their heads were bowed.

Then the Control type ability, it can completely manipulate a certain living creature. The best examples are Captain Shrimp that can command shrimps and Hyacinth, the rank 5 hero that can control plants and uses them both for fighting and healing. The two of them can control the brain and the movements of their creature.

Finally, the Dominion type; the ability to control and manipulate non living things and use it as if it is a part of their body. I'm the best example, I can get inside a shadow and control it as if I'm just using my legs to walk.

Another thing that was highlighted is that we can have more than one Exousía type which makes sense. When Raging Silva first entered the heroes world; he is not superior in terms of speed and strength, in fact, he was ranked 18 as a prospect because the scouts believed that he is lacking both in speed and strength. Not to mention, his ability then was not that powerful yet, he can only use it against a single opponent.

Through the years, he developed his power ability to the point that he became stronger and faster than most power ability type users. He became a jack of all trade that made him the rank 1 hero for the past four years, the "Kings' Presence" nickname for his ability was created just a little over six years ago after he solely took down a terrorist group who stormed a small province.

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