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It's been a week stuck here with no visitation for the crew members. No one was allowed to escape their rooms and no one was allowed to see the others. The punishment was death.

Mingi laid on his bed in his room, staring up at the ceiling and feeling the desperate touches from one of the daughters. She hums, pumping Mingi's cock as she kitten licks the tip. She frowns however when she sees Mingi isn't enjoying it as much as she thought. She pulls away, "You no like?"

He sighs, standing and grabbing his discarded pants, "No darling, I don't," he spits back, putting on his pants and the girl behind him frowns.

She slips out of the bed and wraps her arm around his waist, kissing his bare shoulder, "I can give you something no one else can give you love," she whispers seductively in his ear, nipping at his ear lobe, "I can give you a baby."

"I don't want a baby," he growls, turning to face her as he towers over her to sneer in her face, "And I don't want you."

She glares, pulling away to curl her lip in disgust, "You want that boy. The one clutching the book to his chest like it's his saving grace."

"You got that right," he seethes back, snarling at her, "He'll be able to pleasure me more than you, you pathetic excuse of a whore."

She slaps him hard across the face, Mingi's face turns to the side and she scoffs, "Typical, a man like yourself only enjoys the company of another man. Disgusting. You're a disgrace to this world. You think you're so strong but you're weak and pitiful yourself."

Mingi turns away from her to grab his shoes, putting them on. He didn't care what she thought of him, she could call him all of the names in the book and he wouldn't care. She seems to sense this, and she smirks, "When my sister is done with your toy, you will never want a man again."

Mingi freezes, dropping his shoe that he was putting on and turning to face her, "What did you just say?"

"I said," she sneers, "When my sister is done fucking with your faggot toy, you wouldn't want him ever again. He wouldn't ever want you again."

Before she had time to react, Mingi grabs her by the neck and pushes her into the nearest wall. She gasps, clawing and scratching at his hand as he squeezes her throat. She claws at his arms and tries to go for his eyes, but Mingi squeezes harder, seeing the air flow is slowly cutting off from her body. He leans closer to her, sneering in her face as he growls, "If you ever open your mouth and talk ill about him again, I will strangle every ounce of breath out of your worthless body and throw you to the sharks for dinner."

She gags, her face starting to turn blue and her eyes looking blood shot. He locks eyes with her as the life slowly leaves. That is until he hears someone clear their throat and drops her body like a heavy sack of potatoes. He looks over to the door, leaving the daughter to lay there and gag and gasp for air. Calypso stood there in the doorway, a white lace slip over her body and her hair brushed back into an over shoulder braid.

She narrows her eyes, "Pity, I was thinking you all would enjoy my daughters pleasuring you and giving your bodies attention. But clearly, I see what team you root for."

Mingi balls his hands into fists, glaring at her, "Let us go. I will not ask nicely again."

She chuckles, "Oh darling," she walks forward and cups Mingi's face, her skin soft to the touch, "This is your home now."

Mingi's heart races and she turns, "I say you all have earned my trust on not escaping. Well, you did almost kill one of my beautiful daughters. Almost. Should I let you join your crew for dinner tonight or should I continue to let you rot in your room?"

Mingi's heart drops, "Dinner? With the crew?"

She rolls her eyes, "Yes, and you can see everyone including your toy you love so much. Much more than my daughters."

Mingi swallows, and she turns to smirk, "I'll let you join. But if you ever lay a hand on one of my girls again even if we insult your play thing, I will chop off your prized cock and add it to my collection."

Mingi felt his stomach drop, and Calypso chuckles darkly before leaving the room. Mingi turns to the girl laying on the floor, her eyes casted downward as he walks over to his boots, slipping them on and walking back by her. She coughs and winces at her sore throat, looking up at Mingi, "Disgusting men, all of you."

"Not as disgusting and distasteful as you darling," Mingi retorts back, turning and bowing politely before smirking, "Enjoy the bruises I left on you."

He slams the door shut, walking down the hall escorted by a different sister to the meeting area. He hears chattering at the end of the hall and grows excited when he hears Yunho's voice demanding to be let go. He hurried his pace, stepping into the large dining area to see he is the first to come through his door from the many in the room.

A door opens to his left, his head snaps over there and relief washes over him. Yunho's eyes widen and he runs into Mingi's arms, "Mingi!!"

Mingi instantly wraps his arms around Yunho, holding him tight and breathing in his natural scent. The scent he became addicted to. Yunho pulls away to cup his cheeks, looking at his face all over and noticing the slowly bruising welt on his cheek from the daughter, but he doesn't say anything. Instead, he frowns and kisses it before bringing Mingi in for a kiss and completely surprising the younger. Mingi is usually the one to initiate the kisses and touches, but right now he's happy Yunho had done it this time.

Another door opens and they pull apart to see Hongjoong, who immediately runs over to them and brings them both in a hug. Yunho was tearing up a little, seeing Seonghwa's blonde hair stepping into the room and taking notice of the light makeup on his face as well as a pretty blue dress. Yunho rushes over and hugs the medic, Mingi doing the same and Hongjoong waits patiently before bringing his lover in his arms and kissing him passionately.

Someone tackles Mingi from behind, and when he turns, Jongho immediately buried himself in the older's chest. The pirate laughs, hugging the gunner close, "Hey kid! Never thought I'd see you again!"

Jongho laughs, "Nice to see you too you big oaf!!" He wipes his eyes and goes to hug his other members. That is until he sees Yeosang slip slowly up to them all and looks at each one shyly. Everyone looks to him, Seonghwa making the bold move to wrap his arms around Yeosang first and hug the petite boy. Jongho was second, standing in front of Yeosang. Yeosang swallows, not taking his eyes off of the floor until Jongho smirks, "I forgive you for everything, now hug me you pink headed stick!"

Yeosang laughs, being picked up and swung around as everyone now crowds around and hugs the newest member. They were all together at last, all but the other two main important men of their family...


Written by @jinjin0309

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