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Seonghwa grins from ear to ear as he watches the couple kiss under the soft blue and green lights of the water pixies. The baby was kicking all over, he read in one of the books that babies are more active based on your heart rate. In his case, his heart is always racing thanks to Hongjoong being a perfect father and for the crew members being excited for the new addition to their ship. But watching these two as they kiss one another under the twinkling lights, his heart races in happiness.

He squeals when Jongho pulls Wooyoung into his lap, only to gasp and jump slightly when Hongjoong places a hand on his waist. He smacks the captain's arm, "Don't scare me like that!"

The captain chuckles, cupping Seonghwa's belly and feeling their child kick, "What are you doing up?"

"Nothing," the older says quickly, not so subtly blocking the view of the couple kissing passionately out on the deck.

Hongjoong arches his eyebrow, peeking around Seonghwa to see them and smirks, "Alright mama," he chuckles, "let's get you inside and to bed. You need to rest."

"I feel fine," Seonghwa defends himself pouting slightly, "What if something happens I need to-"

"Baby," Hongjoong whispers, smiling fondly as Seonghwa pouts once more, "I don't think they want to be spied on."

He sighs, looking back out there to see Jongho tickling Wooyoung's sides, and he smiles, "Oh alright, but if something happens-"

"Jongho's got him," Hongjoong laughs quietly, wrapping his arm around his lover's waist. He places a soft kiss on the blonde's cheek, "Come on, let's go to bed."

Seonghwa looks back just in time to see them strip their shirts off before following his lover to their bed. They sleep in the captain's cabin now, right next to the little basket bassinet they made for the baby. Seonghwa lays down carefully, it was hard getting comfortable the further along his pregnancy went and now has to shove a blanket or the pillow Yunho made him under his belly for support.

As soon as he's comfortable, Hongjoong wraps his arms around him and kisses the back of his neck, the arm coming around his baby bump protectively as he feels their child kick and move in Seonghwa's womb. Seonghwa links his fingers with Hongjoong's on his belly, both falling asleep to the movements of their baby.


Seonghwa sways side to side against the counter as the uncomfortable cramp twists his back. He huffs, cupping the underside of his belly and taking notice that the baby has dropped drastically within a few hours. The head he can feel right at the bottom of his belly, and the tiny feet were barely kicking at the top. "I know, you're running out of room aren't you baby," he whispers to his belly, going back to cooking dinner.

Yeosang and San managed to snag a few seagulls from the air, so tonight's dinner is seagull stew with boiled potatoes and green onions. Hongjoong had to almost drag him out of the captain's cabin when he was in there adjusting the baby's bassinet and checking the cloth diapers he sewn together out of their old clothing. He read in the books that the closer to the end of pregnancy, the mother will start nesting and getting ready for the birth by cleaning and arranging furniture.

He also read about Braxton Hick contractions, and how they were practice contractions for when he finally does go into labor (which won't be until his water breaks and it has yet to). He feels another cramp and makes a face, dropping the knife he was using to cut the vegetables as he groans.

He feels a soft hand being placed on his back, turning to see Wooyoung smiling at him, "Let me take over hyung, you need to rest."

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