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Jongho watched everything from his corner on the deck. The crates were high enough that they cast a shadow over him, hiding him from view.

He. Saw. Everything.

Yeosang climbing up to the crow's nest and sitting next to San. San wrapping his arm around Yeosang. Yeosang touching San's face. The kiss. The kiss that San didn't pull away from. And then the second kiss that San initiated.

Jongho had to work really hard to contain himself and stay hidden when all he wanted to do was go up and beat the shit out of San for betraying Wooyoung.

Sure, things had been tense between the two of them since the island, but Wooyoung always put on a good face when he was around everyone. He could finally walk again and his back had healed enough that Seonghwa had started letting him help around the kitchen and teaching him about healing.

It made Wooyoung happy, and Jongho wanted to keep it that way. That bright smile he loved so much... He didn't want to ruin it, but Wooyoung deserved to know. Jongho just needed to decide what the best way to tell him was.

San and Yeosang staying in the crow's nest all night. The older descended first, glancing back up once before he snuck back into the bunk room as the sun began to rise. San followed him a few minutes later and that's when Jongho made his move.

He grabbed San's shirt and slammed him into the mast, pinning him there. "What the hell?!" San cried out, trying to push him away.

"I saw, asshole. Either you tell Wooyoung, or I will. And I won't wait long." Jongho said, slamming the older back into the post again before making his way to the kitchen.

He needed to find something to get his anger out. Something. Anything. He was going to explode if he didn't. But there was nothing he could destroy that wouldn't have consequences later. Not here.

So he decided to try below deck, in the storage. Down there, he walked up to the base of the mast, drew his hand back, and punched it with all his strength. He screamed in pain as his knuckles turned red, but it felt so good at the same time. He punched it repeatedly, tears streaming down his cheeks, until his hand bled.

Jongho hid down there the rest of the morning, cradling his wounded hand to his chest. When he finally did emerge, Yunho sent him a concerned look from where he was reading with Mingi. Jongho just shook his head and looked around the deck.

Yeosang and San were on opposite sides, both working on their own project.

The kitchen door opened behind him and Wooyoung walked out carrying a tray of sandwiches. "Lunchtime!" Jongho instantly melted and had to fight back more tears when Wooyoung handing him and sandwich, smiling brightly, before heading to the others. He reached San last and sat down next to him, holding one of the sandwiches up for San to take a bite from.

"Jongho? Are you ok?" Yunho had finally decided to come talk to him, but he couldn't take his eyes off where San was now ruffling Wooyoung's hair, laughing at something the younger said. "Your hand... Jongho what happened to your hand?"

Yunho blocked his vision and placed his hands on his shoulders.

Jongho closed his eyes, hearing San and Wooyoung's laugh echoing in his mind. "I can't, I can't." He said.

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