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Hongjoong was awoken one night from a deep sleep. He balls his fists up, ready to swing one at whoever is touching him so suddenly. He hears shushing and when his eyes adjusted, he seen the girl who usually stays with Seonghwa, "It's just me, Naomi!" She whispers.

He groans, rubbing his eyes and stretching, "What-"

"Shhh!!" She shushes again, narrowing her eyes, "You must be quiet! Come with me."

Hongjoong nods, following her down the dark hallway to Seonghwa's room. When they enter, she looks down the hallway to see if anyone followed her before closing Seonghwa's door. The blonde walks over to meet them, Hongjoong immediately taking him in his arms and kissing his face all over, "Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine," Seonghwa reassures him, cupping Hongjoong's cheek, "We may have figured out an escape route."

Hongjoong's heart beats quickly and he looks back at Naomi, who smiles and sits on the bed waiting for them to continue. Hongjoong narrows his eyes, "I don't trust her."

"I do," Seonghwa whispers, "Naomi here has agreed to help us on one condition."

"No," Hongjoong shakes his head, "No more deals, I want to travel away from here with my crew and my whole crew."

"Love, listen-"

"No, I'm not leaving nor adding anyone on my ship," Hongjoong growls, looking at Naomi with a harsh glare, "I don't care how much you trust her or how much she's willing to help us. I don't trust her and I don't want her to try and fool us."

"Look what she's done so far!! She's managed to bring us together under her mother's and sister's noses!" Seonghwa exclaims quietly, his eyes watering a little as he thinks of the things he's witnessed, "She's the only one who hasn't touched me or tried to seduce me! The ONLY one!!"

"I appreciate that, but we can't afford another escapee," Hongjoong cups his lover's face as Seonghwa sobs, "I'm sorry love, I wish I wasn't trapped in my own room with the same fate. I would've killed any one of them who touched you or even looked your way. But I cannot afford a ruined plan because a girl wants to leave home."

"You don't realize how many of us want to leave home," Naomi sneers from behind, Hongjoong glares at her.

"Was I talking to you? No. Be quiet," he snarls back, turning his attention back to his lover, speaking softer to him, "I will do anything to get us off of this island. But... I do not trust her."

Seonghwa shakes his head, stepping out of Hongjoong's arms, "Then I guess we're stuck here."


"Don't!" Seonghwa jerks his arms away, turning away from Hongjoong and wiping his cheeks from the tears escaping, "I want to get us all off of this cursed island but if you can't get your head out of your ass for once and listen, then we will all suffer. Thanks to you."

Hongjoong's heart hurts as he listens to his lover sob, Naomi staying in her place not daring to get in between the quarrel of the two lovers. He places a hand on Seonghwa's shoulder, turning the blonde to face him and tilts his chin up. Blue, blood shot eyes lock with his hazel and Hongjoong leans in to gently kiss him, before pulling away to wipe the tear stains off of his cheeks, "What's the plan."

Seonghwa's eyes light up, "You're-"

Hongjoong chuckles, "Don't make me change my mind. What plan is brewing in that beautiful brain of yours, my love?"

Seonghwa nods, rushing over to his bed and reaching under his pillow, pulling out a worn deer skin that has been pressed and dried to be used as paper. He opens it up and shows Hongjoong, the captain frowning before taking it, "This is..."

"The palace build plans," Naomi interjects, "It shows every room, every hall... every tunnel and door."

Hongjoong looks up, excitement once more brewing in his chest, "Tunnels?"

"Yes, Love," Seonghwa whispers, pointing to the room Naomi had shown him earlier, "Here is my room. And if you follow this tunnel which is right under my bed," Seonghwa drew his finger along the line, showing a passage to the back of the castle, "We can eventually make it to the ocean and swim for our ship."

"I've been through every single one of those tunnels, it's a lot of twisting and turning. But in this case, all of the turns are left that lead to that door," Naomi points to the captain, showing him, "If you all just keep taking left turns, you will eventually run into a dead end, which is at the end there is a passage way we can destroy to lead you to the outside."

"Left turns? That will just bring us right back to where we are?" Hongjoong frowns.

"Every left turn," Naomi smiles, "including doors you see on the left hand sides of the wall."

Hongjoong's mouth drops in realization and he rolls the plan back up, "When do we begin?"

"We must wait, mother has made a plan to give your men that sacrificed themselves a one night break. That means, my sisters will be sleeping," she grins wickedly, pulling out a tiny jar, "With the help of a little nightshade in their evening stew instead of basil."

Hongjoong smiles, looking at Seonghwa with a smirk, "Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to have her come along until we stop at the next ocean city."

"What about San and Wooyoung?" Hongjoong frowns, "I'm not leaving them."

Naomi smirks, "Leave that to me, dear captain," she turns and heads to the door, looking back at the lovers, "I promise to get you all out of here."


Written by @jinjin0309

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