Finding Utopia

Finding Utopia

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Lexie By jinjin0309 Completed

All of my life,
I was searching.
It looks like it can reach.
Cloudy mirage,
The sea of ​​fear and joy.

I saw it
felt it in my dream that day.
I'm sure
that we will find someday.
Following the blurry afterimage.
One stroke each night.
Sketch map drawn.


The world is filled with nothing more than water and boats, looking for the one and only Utopia. A magical island where you can never grow hungry, never grow tired, never age a day over twenty. The fruit is forever ripe, never rotten and always fresh. Is it a legend, or is it reality? Who will be the lucky ones to hold the key to Utopia after sailing the treacherous waters that cover the Earth's surface? With only a few islands not seized under water, who will make it to Utopia?