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In one of his books, he had read that 'distance makes the heart grow fonder'. Yunho couldn't agree more as he sat on Mingi's lap, his nose nuzzled into the pirate's neck.

Being separated from him for a week, and feeling how the woman touched him... He didn't like it. Yunho had had a lot of time to think, and they only thing that came to his mind was his crew. Especially Mingi. He had started to worry that he would never hear his deep, raspy voice again.

Mingi held him tight and kissed the top of his head almost constantly.

He was happy to see the rest of the crew, too, of course. Everyone looked healthy and unharmed. Physically at least. Many of them would flinch when one of the sister's brought a new tray of food out. Seonghwa smiled at one of them, thanking her softly.

When the last tray of food was brought out, Calypso came in. She sported a wide smile. "Are my darlings enjoying their little reunion?"

"Yes, thank you." Hongjoong said, trying to stay civil. "Where are Wooyoung and San?"

All eyes flicked to Calypso. Yunho noticed both Yeosang and Jongho straighten a little.

"Oh," the woman studied her nails, "They won't be joining you. They are, preoccupied." She lifted her chin up and smiled.

"I thought you promised Wooyoung we wouldn't be touched." Mingi said, his tone harsh.

"Watch yourself, boy. You're on thin ice with me already. And you are all lucky I haven't let my daughters go farther." She let out an over-exaggerated sigh. "You see, Wooyoung already broke part of his side of the deal, so we've had to take more drastic measures with him."

"What did you do to him?" Jongho said, standing up and clenching his fists.

Calypso laughed. "Don't test me. Again, you're fortunate I am so giving and allowing you to do this. Behave, and this can continue." She wiggled one finger at them.

"What did you do to Wooyoung?" Jongho roared, marching forward. Hongjoong and Seonghwa jumped up and restrained him.

"Oh I haven't done anything... yet." The woman waved her hand like she couldn't be bothered anymore and left the room.

"Jongho, calm down." Seonghwa moved in front of him and cupped his face.

Hongjoong glared after Calypso. "We are going to get out of here. All of us." He turned to face his crew.

Yunho shivered in Mingi's arms. Calypso scared him, and so did her daughters. He didn't want to stay here any longer. He could only image what Wooyoung and San were feeling right now.

Mingi shushed him and held him tighter. "What's the plan captain?"

Hongjoong paced for a moment, then sat down with a huff. "That's the problem. I don't know. We have no idea where San and Wooyoung are being kept. But we are not leaving without them."

Jongho relaxed a little and sat with Seonghwa's arms still around him. The oldest also reached out to take Yeosang's hand.

"They must be somewhere around here." The pinkette said. Looking at each one of them. "I'm betting on the opposite side of the palace. Do you think we could get one of the girls to tell us?"

"No." Mingi said. "I had one make it very clear to me how they feel about us. We are nothing but toys to them."

Yunho shivered again. He could still feel their fingers on him.

"I might be able to find something out." Seonghwa said, speaking up softly. "I met one who doesn't look down on us."

"One? Out of hundreds?" Jongho scoffed and ran his hand through his hair. "I guess that's better than nothing."

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