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"Seonghwa... Baby can you hear me?... Love..."

The voices were distant as the room continued to spin. The ringing in his ears didn't help any at all. He lost his footing, arms grabbed a hold of him and soon his legs were swept out from under him. His eyes roll to the back of his head and suddenly he felt sick to his stomach. He gags, just as Hongjoong laid him on the bed and throws up everything in his stomach right on the floor. Naomi is quick to find a bucket, holding it under his head as he throws up once more. He continues to do so, until he was dry heaving and breathing harshly.

"Baby," Hongjoong began to worry, looking at Naomi, "Find me some water, he needs to stay hydrated..."

Once more their words were drowned out as he felt his body and his eyes getting heavy. He pants harshly, "Joong..."

"Baby, stay with me," Hongjoong cups his lover's face, taking a wet rag and washing his face, "Seonghwa."

The world turned fuzzy, Hongjoong's face slowly disappearing and before he can process what is going on, black coats his vision.

He awoke the next morning with the heaviness of his body coming back once more. He had a hard time at first keeping his eyes open as he looks around. Why is he in the sick bay? Wait-

He sits up straight, instantly getting dizzy once more and Hongjoong catches him before he falls off the bed, "Easy easy!"

"Joongie," Seonghwa says weakly, struggling to keep his eyes open, "What happened?"

"We did it," Hongjoong smiles, "We escaped love."

Seonghwa smiles slightly, groaning before rolling over and gagging. Hongjoong immediately scoots the bucket under him, Seonghwa dry heaving and groaning at the cramping of his stomach throwing up invisible food. Hongjoong shushes him, rubbing his back as he continues to dry heave, until finally he nods. Hongjoong sets him back in bed, covering him with a quilt.

"Wooyoung, San?" Seonghwa asks weakly, Hongjoong brushes back the sweaty blonde locks and shushing him softly.

"They're fine my love," Hongjoong whispers, leaning down and kissing Seonghwa's forehead, "Tell me what I need to give you to help with this."

"I... I just need to rest," Seonghwa swallows, his throat was dry and felt scratchy, "I need water more than anything."

"I'll fetch you some water," Hongjoong leans down and kisses his lover's forehead, "Stay here. You're weak and you need to rest."

"I have to-"

"No," Hongjoong spoke firmly, "As your captain I order you to stay here and rest. Yunho and Yeosang will be in charge of dinner and if someone is hurt Wooyoung can help. You must rest or you'll be in worse condition than you are now."

Seonghwa was too tired to argue, nodding his head and closing his eyes. He slept for most of the day, occasionally Hongjoong would come in to check on him or to wake him and make him eat or drink. But after eating he would get sick again and throw up in his bucket. Naomi kept a close watch on him, the boy was like a brother to her and she hated seeing him like this.

The next day, he wasn't any better. He awoke feeling sick again, this time running out on the deck and throwing up overboard the ship. He gags loudly, feeling an arm wrap around his waist as he spits and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Are you okay?" Hongjoong asks, pulling Seonghwa away from the side of the boat and Seonghwa nods.

"I think it's just an after effect from yesterday," Seonghwa clears his throat, "I'm okay."

Hongjoong frowns, watching as the older walks to the kitchen to see what they possibly had for dinner that night. As soon as he steps in the room and smells the smell of a rotten onion, he gags and rushes to the deck once more and throws up loudly. Hongjoong shakes his head, "That's it, something's not right with you. Go back in the sick bay."

"Hongjoong I'm fine," Seonghwa says groggily, only to gag and spit whatever bile was trying to come out.

Hongjoong points to the sick bay, "Bed. Now."

Seonghwa pouts, "Will you get me some bread please? I need to at least eat something."

"Yes, but please go to bed my love," Hongjoong whispers, kissing Seonghwa's cheek, "I'm so terribly worried about you."

"I know but I have other duties to take care of," Seonghwa whines.

"You worry too much about the others more than you do yourself," Hongjoong chuckles, cupping Seonghwa's face, "But you need to get back in bed. And stay there until you're no longer sick."

Seonghwa nods, being escorted back to bed while Mingi watches from the wheel. He frowns, not feeling arms wrap around him until a gentle kiss was placed on his neck. He hums, looking behind him to see Yunho smiling, a book under his arm like usual now. Mingi smiles, "Hello gorgeous."

"Hello," Yunho smiles, blushing a little and nervously rubs the back of his neck, "I'm glad we all made it out safely. You know, off of that island."

Mingi chuckles, turning back to steer the ship, "You're not very good at flirting, gorgeous."

Yunho blushes some more, making the pirate laugh as he cups his chin in his hands, bringing Yunho's face to his and kissing those soft lips. Yunho leans further into the kiss, moaning softly as Mingi's tongue traces his lip shape and gently sucks on the older's bottom lip.

"Oi! Mingi!" Jongho calls from down below, the two separate and see the young gunner gesturing to the crates with his arms, "I can't move all of these myself! Can I have Yunho back after you've done sucked his face off!?"

Mingi chuckles, looking at Yunho who is now blushing red all over even his adorable ears are turning red, "Go on gorgeous," he sends a wink and a tap on the older's plump ass as he walks by, "We'll finish what we started later."


Written by @jinjin0309

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