ch 13

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isaiah p.o.v

it's been a month since my family met Brittney  she really likes my family specially
Amelia  . my brothers treat her well  but i know that they don't like her and i still don't know the  reason  .

Any ways she's coming over today she was out of the country for a week and i really missed her   

the bell rings and i run to open it  and finally meet my love i open the door and hug her tightly  " i missed you so much"   she hugs back " i missed you too babe"

" Hi Brittney " we hear a voice we break the hug and turn around to see Xavier he just came from work   " oh hi Xavier  how are you?"  she asks  " i am fine thanks .. when did you come ?? " i came this morning  and i really missed isi and you guys so i came to visit ... oh where is lia i really missed this little girl "   " she's playing in her room" i say 

" xavy !!!"   i hear lia  then she runs to Xavier and hug his   legs   he picks her up and throw her in the air making her giggle  "  how are you doing baby?"   " i learned new words in nursery !!!! "   " that's great baby let's have dinner  and then you could show me "

"okay"  she said .. he put her down  and she ran to her room to play"   we sit down on the couch  " where's Adam by the way ?"   Xavier asks   " he's at a friend's house he should be here soon though "  " okay ... what do you want to eat for dinner "     i ask   " you don't need  to order i can cook  you something" Brittney said   " that's nice of you britt but you don't have to "  Xavier says  " oh come on guys we're family now and i don't have to i want to it's not a big deal seriously" she says

" ok then as you like "   "  great what do you want to eat "   " babe anything you do is fine.. i will help you   come on"  i say

see ! she's really nice  i hope they see her like i do

Xavier p.o.v

the door opens  and Adam comes in

" hey Adam  did you have fun?"    " yeah it was great .... what's that amazing smell?"

" brittney decided to cook dinner today  she's doing lasgna i think "    " wow will that's a nice thing   ... i think that we judged her  quickly  "     " i think so too  "

" Dammiiiii"  i hear lia saying running down the  stairs    she trips and fall face first she screamed   i run to her moving her  slowly so i won't hurt her more    hold her and look at her face  there is blood  on her face where she fell and it's  making it's way to her chubby cheeks " baby baby wake up !!! come on open your beautiful eyes ! "   i  say shaking her

" what happened ?!!!"    Isaiah says  panicked

" she fell  down on the stairs  "    " i called 911"  Adam says  

" oh my god what's wrong!!!'"
says  Brittney coming down the stairs

" she fell down on the stairs her head is bleeding  and she's not freaking responding to any thing !!!!!"     answers isaiah

A while later  the ambulance arrive  i ride with her  and Adam , Isaiah and Brittney follow us to the hospital

we arrive their the take her and  rush her to the ER we sit down scared out of our minds

hey guys sorry for the delay  but  i have alot on my plate really ... i know it's not a long chapter  sorry about that

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