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Isaiah p.o.v

today Brittney will come over for dinner and to be honest i am nervous Adam and Xavier didn't say if they're ok with it or not they just said to be careful .

i hear a knock on my door and open it to find lia  standing looking at me with those big eyes  " isi you look bitiful" she says jumping up and down this little monkey....

" thank you baby but it's bitiful it's beautiful "

"okay .... isi??"  " yes baby ???"     " you still wuv me???"  oh boy that's what i was afraid of   "  baby i will Always love you " i say hugging her    " i wuv you isi" she says then leaves

the bell rings  " i'll get it !"

"hey babe " Brittney says kissing me " hey babe come in"     "ok guys this is Brittney my girlfriend  ..... Brittney, this is Xavier my older brother  Adam my younger brother and Amelia my baby sister"

" hey guys nice to meet you" she says waving her hands  " Nice to meet you too Brittney  "

we sit down at the table and start eating our dinner

Xavier p.o.v

to be honest from the looks of it i don't like this girl but i can't judge her from her look but Isaiah still should be careful 

we finish our dinner and sit in the living room 

" isi isi  i sit on your lap "   "  baby go to xavy or Adam i am talking to brit okay "  she looks at him hurt " baby iam sorry i will  cuddle with you when you go to sleep ok i promise "

" okay" she looks hurt and i can't see her like this  not again  " come here princess  come sit with me " Adam says .... she runs to him  and sit on his lap while watching tv 

i look at Isaiah he didn't even notice that his sister was sad ... then they start a kissing  each other ...badly .. okay that's enough they can't do that in front of a three years old kid and we really don't need to see this 
i clear my throat and i see hint of blush in Isaiah's cheek but Brittney was totally fine

"baby lia  .. it's bed time come on  ..  say goodnight to them and let's get you to bed "


Amelia p.o.v

i get off Adams lap ad kiss him and he hugs me    " good night isis"  " good night lia"  he says with no hug or kiss  i really want to cry now  .. i run to my room and hide under my blankets 

that what i told xavy about yesterday ... isis  doesn't like me anymore when that girl is here   and i fall asleep tears running down my  face 


Adam p.o.v

why did he do that to her  is he soo  in love with her that he forgets his baby sister  and us  when were sitting  they were acting like we were not there at all  they kissed  flirted  like they were alone which Xavier didn't like at all... he got more angry  when she ran crying  to her room  and Isaiah didn't even pay attention 

i go to her room and open the door 
she is sleeping with tears running down her cheek  she cried her self to sleep  because of him and this girl 

xavier p.o.v ( sorry for changing p.ovs so much)

  i go to lia's room and see Adam sleeping with  her  i smile at them  they look cute actually ..  but then i see her tear stained cheek and i fell bad for her  

i hear the door close  and  i know she left
I head down " what do you think??"

" you tell me ... we didn't get to talk to her you were  so occupied with each other"

" oh ..uh .. sorry about that  but i really like her i  forget everything when iam with her know what i mean?  "

" i do .... but never forget  your family  Isaiah because family always  comes first "

" i know .. i wont "  " i hope so  Isaiah .. i hope so "    i turn around and head to my room


isaiah p.o.v

i was really happy when i was with Brittney  but... i don't know  what he meant with " don't forget your family"    like.. why is he saying this  

i think  he and Adam didn't like her ... i don't know what's wrong with her  they are judging her from what they heard about her  Which i don't like  i love her and nothing will change that


soo a bad  girlfriend and Isaiah is becoming the bad guy now ... what do you think??

sorry it's short but iam really busy these days

also thank you for  583 reads  ❤️❤️

and thank you lazzzyyybish55  for your comments they make my day ❤️❤️❤️

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