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Before the Storm ☂ Five Hargreeves  #wattys2019 by SHIELD-Avenger
Before the Storm ☂ Five Hargreeves...by ˗ˏˋ Nerd Alert ˎˊ˗
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Hope Mikaelson [Part two pending!] by WanderingHorseLover
Hope Mikaelson [Part two pending!]by WanderingHorseLover
Just another fanfiction about the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall, Hope Mikaelson.
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STAY (ON HOLD)  by chaitali_14
STAY (ON HOLD) by Chaitali Mhatre
Natalia woods a teenage girl living with only brothers and dysfunctional parents.lets see what happens.. Will they loose or will they stay together till the end? let's u...
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The Heaven Academy by _ZannyHerron
The Heaven Academyby 🌻​ℍ𝕒𝕡𝕡𝕪🌻
Literal credits to @HON3YMO0N for the cover :)
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Broken | Supernatural Fanfic (Part Two of Vanish Series) by winchesteratheart
Broken | Supernatural Fanfic (Part...by winchesteratheart
2nd part of Vanish series!! Make sure to read Vanish | Supernatural Fanfic first!! Bristol is overjoyed when Dean returns to Canton Point. But, the celebration doesn't l...
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Moving On by Jessica1664
Moving Onby Jessica1664
When young Samantha Grace Rose is forced to move in with her dad and older brothers, it's a long ride for Samantha with fighting her demons and her past at the same time...
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Black and Blue (D I S C O N T I N U E D) by AWolfNamedSorrow
Black and Blue (D I S C O N T I N...by A Wolf Named Sorrow
She wasn't perfect. She was broken. She knew that and she could admit that but things always got complicated when you work for a handsome man. Don't they always? *This...
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The Alpha's Unknown Daughter [Under Construction-I changed the title again] by dafnexvictoria
The Alpha's Unknown Daughter [Unde...by Dafne V. Mendez
Blake is a simple girl. Doesn't have much standards, doesn't have much friends but is comfortable with the life she has now. Her father left when her mother was pregnant...
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Vanish | Supernatural Fanfic (Part One Of Vanish Series) by winchesteratheart
Vanish | Supernatural Fanfic (Part...by winchesteratheart
First part of Vanish series!! You can find the other parts on my page!! People start disappearing in Bristol's town. No one knows what happens to them. Things change for...
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The Forgotten Tomlinson by langston_1303
The Forgotten Tomlinsonby Snow_princess03
Vivian Lynn Tomlinson was never on Louis's good side. Nor on her sister's good side. Then her mother gave up trying to get her to be like her siblings. She put her up fo...
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Streets and Streets IV by LiterallyyLee
Streets and Streets IVby LiterallyyNyLee
SS IV starts with a bang. Emerald and Sloan's little family is in jeopardy when one too many people get to close to them. Will they make it to a wedding? What about baby...
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Kill me with your Love ♂x♂ [Vampire || Highschool Romance II Mpreg] (Onhold) by ZaraAbabil
Kill me with your Love ♂x♂ [Vampir...by ZaraAbabil
Noah has always been bullied in school since he was little. It got worse in high school when everyone found out that he's actually a gay. He even attempted to commit sui...
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Blood Darker Than Magic  [UPDATED EVERY THURSDAY] by NarahKvamme
Blood Darker Than Magic [UPDATED...by Narah Kvamme
Sabine LeBlanc has never been what others needed her to be. She wasn't the perfect daughter, she has never been considered mentally stable, and worst of all - she is a p...
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тнe υмвrella acadeмy rp by fandom_queen_4life
тнe υмвrella acadeмy rpby nσt ríkα
Don't mean to be obvious, but, like, if you haven't read the comics or seen the show, you could go-
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The Etiquette of Being an Angel Boy by TokiBear13
The Etiquette of Being an Angel Boyby Toki Bear
A story inspired by any major YA series (Shadowhunters, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter etc.) A nephilim boy, Wolfgang, finds himself in a regular human school where he is t...
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The little girl in the blue dress by Wildgem7
The little girl in the blue dressby Wildgem7
Can a family that struggles with abuse, alcoholism and mental instability, find peace once again?
Running away by emeryrie
Running awayby emeryrie
Part 1 Escaping my crazy mother Part 2 coming soon
Ophelia's Curse by loveprevails_
Ophelia's Curseby loveprevails_
Ophelia White has never lived a mundane life. Something mysterious and not quite explainable has been occurring in her life nit even since she was a teenager. Not being...
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Oh, The Difference by _SilentSounds_
Oh, The Differenceby _silentsounds_
Every now and then, there's an error in the code. Just a swish of the finger and something drastically different appears. It messes with the timeline, it distorts the st...
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