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Third  person p.o.v

They all think iam on their side  but iam not ... actually i never was  .... because i just want revenge  .... xavier took her from me the most person i loved and adored  ... he took her and she died  she was my life and now i will kill him by taking his life away Amelia

Oh .. how much he loves her  .... taking her will kill him slowly ... and wait till he knows that i have hand  in all this chaos  he will feel betrayed .... just like i felt

we were together since school we were like brothers  but he betrayed me and took her

and he has the nerve to call me for  help

he won't get it

Xavier  p.o.v

Adams  left the house after sorting things out he said that they got leads on where that crazy boss might be  he told us it would be better to leave the house until they catch him or when he's away from here

and here we are packing  our things to move
lia is still sleeping and i am just packing things for her

"xavy ?  what you doing ?  "   

"hey baby ... will we are going on a vacation for a while because you've been a really good girl  "      

" yaaaaay where we go  !!!  "

"to the lake house  "

" what a lake house xavy?"

" it's a  little house in front of a lake "

" we swim ??  "     "  maybe  we can swin "

" yaaaay i love you xavy you the best !!"

she says hugging my legs  .. i pick her up and hug her to my chest  " i love you too baby  "

" go watch some cartoons until we finish yes?"     " ok "

with that she goes down .

" hey you need help "  Adam says

" no ... it's okay thanks buddy "

" i can help pack the rest of Lia's things and you can pack yours   i finished mine already "

" if you insist ... thank you" 

we pack in silence for a while

"   i hate that we are lying to her Xavier " he says with sadness in his voice

" i know .. but it's not like we have a choice we can't tell her all of that  she's so young so innocent "   

" what did you tell her about moving ??  "

" i said it's a vacation .. because she was good girl "

" But why did you tell Adams about where are we going it's supposed to be a secret .... right" 

" well he should know because if anything happened  he will be able to help us  i really trust him with our lives ....with Lisa's life "

and we are silent again i know how he fells i know he doesn't like lying to lia  but what choices do i have .. i  can't tell her that her parents don't love her I can't say that our father wants to kidnap her she won't understand    she will be broken and i can't take that  never in my life

i snap out of my thoughts  when i hear a sniffing sound i look  to see Adam sitting on the ground crying and sobbing

I've never seen him like that in my life

" hey ,hey  what's wrong , why are you crying ?"

" i can't take it any more .. i just can't .... why did the hate her... whey did they left .. couldn't we just be a normal family ....  and you ... you took a responsibility that isn't yours  ... i tried to be strong for you but  i can't  anymore  ... iam sorry .. so sorry "

IAM speechless   i've never seen him like that

" hey hey ... it's ok to cry  , you're ok
listen buddy  you're doing a  great job being strong .. it's ok to cry and break down sometimes  i know everything is not the best right now  but it will be and we will go through this together .....and  i don't mind taking care of you guys  i love it   .. i love you guys  all of you  "  

i hug him tighter to me.... I know how he feels
i feel it too i just don't show them i must be strong for them  sometimes i cry myself to sleep but i wake up the next day as nothing happened   for them

" you done packing lia's things ?? "

"  yeah  all done "   "  good  i will go  check on Isaiah "  " okay"

" hey isi you done ?? "

" yeah just finished "

" great ..  did you call Brittney ?  "

" yeah she took it really well actually she will stay with her parents  "  

" that's great isi .... iam really happy for you "

" thanks bro ... wish you could find yourself a good girl too ... you should live a little you know "   

" when i find the right  person maybe i will.... anyways if you finished let's go it's a long drive to the lake house "

" yeah let's go "     we head down stairs and find lia watching cartoons with Adam and laughing together  

" come on guys let's go "    "  yaaaay we go on vacation "   

" yes we do "  isi says laughing at her
he carries her to the car and put her in her car seat
when we finish loading the  car Adam sits in the back with lia , isis in the passenger seat  and i in the driver Seat and we start our journey  hopefully to a safest place for my baby

Third person p.o.v  ( the same one in the beginning of the chapter)

" They are heading to the lake house sir "

" the lake house eh? .... let them have some fun for a few days ..... then it will be my turn to have some fun too "


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