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Xavier p.o.v

After putting a plan and waiting for backup we finally went to the place my baby where..
i don't want anything right now than to hold her i know it's been less than two days but i really missed her ...we all did ..we  missed her laughing and her cute baby language  but iam getting her back now and  i am going to kill that sick  excuse of a father 

we arrive  at a place dark and empty place with a house on one side but it's far from a house  it's  very old that if a light wind  came it will fall down 

Adams go over the plan with the cops and then turn to us and say" ok guys i need you to stay in the car  ok ?"   " what do you mean stay in the car  i will go inside and bring my baby out safely "    "Xavier we can't concentrate with you in their  "   " and why is that???"   " if you go who should we protect you or Amelia ?? "   " Amelia is your priority i can protect my self  thank you "   " xavier if you go in there it will be our responsibility to protect you too so please  stay here "

"but - "  " Xavier please we will all stay here for lia's sake"  Isaiah says putting his hand on my shoulder trying to calm me    "ok... i will stay"   "Don't worry xavier i will bring your sister back" Adams says  " you better do that,"

" ok guys remember our priority is to bring  the girl safe outside "

and with that they go inside that house


Adams p.o.v ( the officer)

we enter  the house looking for any sign of people there....  i can't see any   i hear crying coming from the Attic  we go down slowly we see a man  and a little girl her head wrapped in dirty cloth   " freeze   you are under arrest for kidnapping  a child "   " i didn't kidnap her she is my daughter "  " are you sure you didn't because her state tell  other wise"    he came forward to carry Amelia  i react fast and shoot his arm  the girl screams ..the cop near Amelia carry her  and run out of the room with some cops behind him  in case there are any people in there and i arrest the man

Xavier p.o.v

  i am sitting in the car waiting iam a bundle of nerves right now  suddenly i hear a gun shot  and a girl screaming (Amelia!!!)

i run out  of the car  towards the house but  someone holds me from behind
" Xavier stop !!! you can't go there "
"Didn't you hear that gun shot didn't you hear her screaming"  " i heard ok but going in there will do nothing it will distract them"

moments later  a cop comes out running carrying a bundle in his arms

" Amelia !!!"

my brother's head snap towards the cop too

" paramedics  !!!! she needs help!!!"

"my baby is hurt !!! what the hell"

two paramedics come out of the ambulance car that came with us  they run and attend to lia  i run towards her but stop in my tracks

she is  pale her head wrapped in a dirty cloth that is now soaked in blood  

" she lost lots of blood .. she needs stitches  and she has a concussion"

Adams come out a while later  with carl i run towards him and punch him in the face   Isaiah holds me back " you b***h  how  dare you hurt her you sick excuse of  man "

"it's not over Xavier boss will come and take her mark my words"       
carl says       "enough !!! walk now or i will shoot you again"

i ride in the ambulance with lia i cant leave her alone  i will never leave her  i hold her tiny hand in mine she is cold  "baby ??? please open your eyes "  she is not  talking to me 

"come on baby iam here now...please?"
i fell her squeeze my hand a bit

" lia ?? baby??? can you hear me princess ???

"  'avy ???   " yes baby ,yes  iam here "
i hold her hands tighter and silently cry  she is so quiet  she is not her funny self ..... all because of me 

"xavy scary man hurt me"   she says  tears streaming  down her cheeks  " it's  ok baby girl you will be fine  ok? ... iam here with you"

we arrive at the hospital they take her to ER

" sorry sir you're not allowed there " the nurse says sympathetically 

i sit in the waiting room  ... moments later isaiah and Adam come running  in

" what happened to lia !!! where is she!!"

isaiah  says concerned     "i don't know .... they took her to the ER  no one said anything"

he tug on his hair  a thing he does when he is nervous  Adam fell the ground and cried  i kneeled in front of him  and hugged him ...i too want to cry  but i have to stay strong for them

after what seemed like hours the doctor came out   "are you here for Amelia  Williams"

"yes ,is she ok ?? what happened"

" she has a concussion she lost  alot of blood so this will make her dizzy for couple of days
and she needed stitches "

"can we see her "    "yes . she's in room 201"

we race to the room i open the door  to see her small body  lying motionless on a big hospital bed and an iv connected to her  arm putting blood in her body 

" baby lia ??" Isaiah says hoping that she would  answer him

Adam tickle her hoping she would open her eyes and giggle  but she doesn't

a nurse comes in check her vitals and hook her to another iv

"what's that ??"   "she  needs nutrition . this will help "   she foes out

" xavier you should go home and rest  you look too tired "  Isaiah says  " iam not leaving her side ever again and if i have fo watch her every move  i will  " 

"xavier she will be ok we will be staying with her "   Adam saysn" No No No iam not leaving her side and that's final"

They don't talk about it again  i look at my baby's face although her face is pale   it's still innocent 

i close my eyes and drift to dreamless sleep with my baby in my arms


They found her  finally 😃😃😃

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