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Xavier p.o.v

Today we woke up early to go swimming as we promised lia 

she was so excited like I've never seen her before and that light in her eyes was there once again  

"let's go xavyyyyy come on "

she says tired from waiting and IAM sure that if i wasn't carrying her right now she would've ran to the lake already

"baby we'll go when isi and dammi com down so calm down and be a good girl ok?"

she pout and doesn't protest  
when they came down Finally!
we were able to go

The boys go first i take Lia's clothes off i go first in the water   "come on baby jump in the water"  i say my hands in front of me to catch her

she jumps and i catch her securely in my arms  " xavy is there fish in lake ? "

"  i don't think so baby the water is not deep enough "

we just spend a normal day swimming and playing  and iam happy for them really
they were able to forget everything for a bit

after hours it started to get dark and a little bit chilly

"  come on guys it's getting dark " we get out of the water  ،dry ourselves and wear our clothes

" Did you have fun guys ? "  i ask  but no one answers   i turn around "gu-"  there is no one behind me

" guys if this is a joke you better stop right now "

" It's  not a joke "  someone says from behind me and before i could turn around i feel a pain in the back of my head  and everything is black


i wake up my head hurts really bad .. what Happened ??

i start remembering everything my siblings went missing in a second and i was hit on the head

My siblings!!!!


oh no no no where are they ?
are they ok ?
where's my baby ?
where is Isaiah and Adam?

i can't see any thing the room is pitch dark
and iam tied to a chair

  i hear a cry .... a baby's cry

My baby's cry Amelia!

"Amelia ?!! baby is that you?!'

"xavy !!! xavy i scared i want go home xavy"

she says crying harder

" baby we will get out of here i promise ok
just stay strong baby girl ok ?"

"well ,well ,well  what do we have here ?"

the person talking  standing in the dark
what a coward

" show   yourself   you piece of s***t "

" Are you sure because i don't think you will like what you will see Xavier"

his voice is familiar but .... he's not Carl

the person stands in the light and what he said about my not liking what i will see was true 

what i saw horrified me ... left me speechless
how could he do that to me i trusted him

we are friends .... no used to be

"told you  you won't like it Xavier "

" How could you !!! I trusted you  !! why?!!"

"why !!! you took her from me and she killed herself because of you  so i will kill you slowly
i swore on her grave that i will take revenge
and it's time to fullfil my promise "


who do you think is that ???

Thank you guys for Reading the book

Hope you like it❤️😃


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