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Xavier got a call from an unknown man

"who's talking???"

" how is Amelia??"

(what the hell how did he know that!!!)

" who are you!!!"

" listen boy  i know many things .. i don't want to hurt you or your brothers just give me the girl "

"on my dead body!!!"

" that can be managed easliy but i already told you i dont want to hurt you i just want the girl "

"and i already told you no one will take my baby sister "

" ok then i guess i will have to take her the hard way"
and the call ended
(what the hell!!!)
iam really scared now... who is this  ??? how does he know Amelia??.... but his sound is familiar  i just  cant  find it

what hard way what is he going to do???

i cant take it anymore  irun out of my office and tun towards the car  i race towards carla's house 

i dont park the car  i knock rapidly on the door  she opens the door alarmed
"what's wrong!!!!"  she says scared 
"where is amelia !!!! is she ok ??? please tell me she is ok!!!"

"Xavier calm down she is sleeping she is ok"

"please let me see her"
she lets me in i see lia sleeping on the couch cuddled to little teddy   i run towards her carry her and hug her tightly to my chest

now i feel safe that she is safe i can't take if she is hurt i will never forgive my self

" xavy??" lia says with that  baby voice that i adore "hey baby how are you??" " i otay... xavyy why you cwy?" shh says with a frown on her face  i didn't realise that i was crying

" oh it's nothing baby some dust went in my eyes ... come on put your toys in the bag and lets go" she went up to take her things

" iam sorry carla i shouldn't have shouted  or knocked on  the door like that i was just really worried"   "it's ok dear i could tell you were and still are ..what's wrong?"   " someone called me today he wanted me to give him amelia  i said no and he said he will take her the hard way ... i don't know what does that mean but i really got scared and had to makw sure that she is ok ...and here we are "

"oh my god !! Xavier you should tell the police this is dangerous "   " iam scared to .. what if that person knows i called the police and do something to her .. he said he only wanted lia not me or one of the boys"

" i really think you should tell the police atleast they will put guards to protect all of you"  "maybe you are right"  " look  take lia and go home clear your mind  you are confused now and can't think of anything  and i will help you as much as i can "

" Thank you carla ... thank you so much"
i say hugging her ... i really need a motherly hug now   " it's ok xavier your like my son and i will alawys help you"  i break the hug

lia came down the stairs  carrying her bag i take it from her and carry lia

"bye carla tank you" she says waving at her
"bye dear "

" what did you do at the nursery today baby?"

" idwaw pictre" (i draw picture)
" that's great honey what did you draw ??"

"i dwaw you , isi, addy and i " she says excited
"that's great baby give it to me at home so we put it on the fridge ok??"   "otay"

we arrive home  i open the door  it seems that the he just arrived  she runs to Isaiah's arms

" isiiiiii i miss you"   he hugs her tightly " l missed you to baby lia"   "wook what i dwaw " (look what i draw)    she says giving him the picture  "baby that's so good  but what are two big empty circles for??"   " when i haaf mommy and daddy i dwaw thwem in ciwcle"

(when i have mommy and daddy i draw them in the circle) 

Isaiah p.o.v

when lia said that my heart broke she is really innocent and oblivious to what's happening around her   when our so called parents left leaving a letter behind   saying that they couldn't take care of us any more we were broken  no one to care for us and from this day Xavier being the oldest and 18 tool custody of us  we coped with it but lia never understood what was happening she was a baby when they left  when she became one year old she started asking about where are her parents why don't she have ones we always told her that we are her parents and brothers  she would run to Xavier crying whenever we went to the park crying because all the kids there have parents but sh doesn't have ones and she is two thinking that she could get parents and leaving a space to draw them in her picture

"baby what do you want for dinner ?" i say snapping out of my thoughts 

"pizzaaaaaaa" i laugh at her  she loves pizza more than anything in her life

"ok go change wash your hands an face and come down for dinner"   "otay"

"where is adam in his room finishing some homework " "call him there is something i need to talk to you about "  "ok"
i go to Adam's room and of course he is wearing his headphones and the volume is so high   I take it out  of his head  "hey as was listening to music"  " don't make the volume soo hight you will blast you eardrums "   "what do you want??"  "family meeting Xavier is waiting down "  "when did he come?"  "a while ago but of course you wouldn't know with those earphones on ... now come he is waiting"  

we head down stairs  and find Xavier waiting pacing the room 
" ok guys something happened today and i think you should know about it " "you are worrying me xavier what's wrong??"

" i got this call today  from a strange number he knows my name and Amelia's name too and he told me that he don't want to hurt  us and he only wants to take Amelia  i refused  he said that he will have to take her the hard way "  "what do you mean someone wants to take lia !!!"   i say really scared  now  no one will take our baby from us

" Xavier you should call the police !!!" adam says scared too  " iam scared  this person will know we called the police and hurt lia  or hurt  you guys"    " we can take care of ourselves and lia  but the cops will help us more"

" i don't know guys I don't want any one to get hurt " " Xavier don't worry we will  be fine lia 's saftey is more important now"
" ok  i think i will go to the police station tomorrow then "
the bell rang  i opened the door took the pizza and called for lia

"liaaa the dinner is ready"  she comes down stairs  i put her in her seat cut her pizza slice and fill her cup with orange juice

we finish dinner and i take lia up wash her teeth put her in her pajamas and tuck her in her crib "good night baby lia ... love you"
"gwood nwit isi wuv you" (good night isi love you)

looking at her sleeping  she looks so peaceful

"we will always protect you little princess
we are your brother guards"

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