ch. 14

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Xavier p.o.v

we've been sitting here  for what felt like  hours ..we were all miserable ... her face is the only thing  i can see  pale , lifeless  with blood trickling down her beautiful face 

some of you might say that iam over reacting but i basically  raised her iam her mother father and brother she has no one but us and she's our life  since she got kidnapped  since we found her nearly dead  we've all been extra protective  i don't  like the idea of her being hurt or sad 

after what seems like forever the ER door opens and  a bed with my baby in it is strolled towards a room we run  and enter the room

" i.. is she o..ok ?"  i say holding her tiny hands in mine  " she lost alot of blood  and the hit was pretty strong so she will take a bit to wake up and  quite long time to heal   we stitched her head   she should be fine  "

" thank you doctor"     " it's my job .. have a good day "     i release  a sight of relief  she's ok she will be ok...

" thank god she is fine "  Isaiah said sitting  on the chair holding her hands 

Adam sit on the bed and hold her close to him carefully  and cries silently   " why does  this happen to her  she got kidnapped  and hurt twice she has no parents and has no normal childhood like her friends  we only see her in the weekends  and carla is always with her she is so small so innocent  she doesn't deserve  this " he says hugging  her tighter  and crying harder   
  " you too Xavier ... you don't deserve this you  never went to parties or did anything teenagers  do you took our responsibility  early  it's not your job  "

"Adam  i love what iam doing i love taking care of you   you are my responsibility   and i accept it  and i don't care   about what teenagers do   you're the only people i care about...   you are right ... Amelia  doesn't deserve this  but i promise i am trying to protect you to protect her  "

he sits up and hugs me soon Isaiah join the hug too   " we love you Xavier" Isaiah says

" i love you too guys "

it's been four hours now lia hasn't woken up yet    Isaiah and Adam   went  to bring some thing to eat   while later  a nurse comes

"Mr. Xavier  the doctor  wants to talk to you"
I don't want to leave her alone in case she woke up but i have to make sure that she's ok

" i will come again  baby don't worry"

" you wanted to talk to me doctor?"

" yes  i wanted to talk with you about Amelia's condition "    i begin to worry

" is she ok?? "  "  yes yes actually she should wake up  today or tomorrow at most  then -"

"Ahhhhhhhh! xavyyy"      "Lia !!!!"

i run to her room to see someone jumping from the window   i run towards him but he already jumped we were not so high from the ground

i run to my baby  and hug her i hold her tightly " it's ok you're ok baby iam here "

" he scare me xavy  " she whimpers   "  i know baby i know but he's not here now ok iam here "  i rub her back and she relaxes a bit

Isaiah and and Adam come 

" baby you're awa-     what happened why is she  crying!!!"  someone came in the room

"what!!! where were you !! "

" i was talking to the doctor then i heared  her scream  i went in and found someone jumping from the window "

" guys did you see this paper?"  Adam says holding a small paper   he looks terrified

i take it from him  and what i read horrifies me   " what's wrong??? "  Isaiah asks i give him the paper silently

"  what the hell!!!!'

"He told you  i will take what is mine .. iam coming"

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