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Xavier p.o.v

" what...what are you talking about?!"

" you forgot her already !  Bella  !
Bella who left me and loved you but you couldn't protect her and she killed herself!!"

"Adams  what are you saying I didn't kill her i tried to protect her but she .... she never said anything i tried i swear "

"it wasn't enough ... she killed herself  !"

" I told you i tried she never said anything i asked a lot but she pushed me away"

" i . don't. care "  and he went out just like that

" xavy ??  I am scared.."    

" i know baby I know ... but you're a big girl right stay strong for xavy  ok ? and when the bad guy comes don't talk ok baby i promise it will be over soon "   "  okay ... i no talk and stay strong like xavy "   she says smiling weakly     " that's my girl " 

a while later the door opens and two guards push Isaiah and Adam  they push them in and tie them to chairs

"Isaiah ! Adam ! are you guys ok?? did they hurt you ?! "  

"  no we are fine .. are you guys ok ??!!
lia baby are you ok did they hurt you princess !??"  

" i fine  isi .... but it scary i want home "  she says crying a little bit 

" don't cry little princess it's gonna be ok
we will be ok and go home ok? "Adam says

The door opens again and Adams enter the room with Carl and Brittney ..... wait ...

Brittney!   what the hell !

" Brittney ! what are you doing here did he hurt you !! "  Isaiah asks

" oh isi baby you're soooo naive you still don't understand !!!  " she says laughing

" ok let me explain my surprise dear old friend "

" remember when we were in school ... do you remember Bella xavier  the girl that i loved soo much but she left me and chose you  ... she was my whole life  ... when she told me she loved and that she wanted to be just friends .... i was depressed  i loved her but i loved you too  so i tried to get over it
but when you couldn't protect her  when she killed herself  i couldn't take it and i couldn't forgive you  and hated you  because she was my world and because of you i lost her

so i swore on her grace that i will take revenge
i will take away your life i will ruin it  but i didn't know how .... but you my friend gave me the idea

i acted as i was still your friend  and you believed   when your parents problem started you told me everything thinking that i will help as the good friend I am 

i took it as an opportunity to ruin your life and started working with Carl 

i am the one who put the traitor guards who kidnapped her  and who threw the rock

i told you the tracker idea so I could track her anytime 

i told Carl to send you the messages

everything was my planing i did it all

i told carl to bring me Amelia so i could have some fun 

Brittney here my girlfriend helped me by telling me everything you do

and finally ... i will kill them all and take that little girl so we could play together 

And your life is ruined. "

i sat there speechless for the second time today  i couldn't believe what he just said

"  I didn't kill Bella Adams she killed herself
i tried so hard  to help her ... i asked her many times   i promised  that i will help her and protect her but-  "

" you broke your promise you didn't help her you didn't protect her and she killed her self !"

" How can i protect her from something i don't know Adams !!!  she pushed me away
she pushed everyone away !!! "

" Bullshit if you truly loved her you would've stopped at nothing to know what was happening to her !!"

This was true i kept blaming my self for her death  i always said that i didn't try hard enough   ... maybe he was right after all

"  leave my siblings out of this they didn't do anything  "

" i know ... but they are your life aren't they and bella was my life too  ... you took mine i will take yours ... better say your goodbyes now  " 

guards came and  removed the ropes that tied us  Lia came to me running and huged my legs  i carried her and hugged her really tight  while she cried

i can't let anything happen to her them

"Adams please this is between me and you just leave them out of it !!"

" But this won't be fun "

Then i heard the sound of sirens coming nearer 

we will be ok


all revealed now .. but there is one more surprise in the next chapter

i am thinking of ending the story and making the 21  chapter the last one  so it may take a little while longer to upload it 

Hope you like it 😃❤️


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