Chapter Twenty-Seven: Purple Rain

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I shut my eyes, waiting for the shattering of glass, but air beat against my ears and I hugged Drake harder. I opened my eyes to see Drake spinning through a saturated blue, falling.

"Drake!" I screamed before his wings caught the air and Drake laughed. We fell toward a meadow of...white roses? I shut my eyes, waiting for a rough impact even as the wooshing of air stopped in my head.

"You can let go now."

Drake let go of my leg and I slid off of him as my feet hit the ground. Roses crunched beneath my feet and some petals flew up into the air as the wind blue. I heard Drake suck in a deep breath before announcing, "It's great to be home."

Looking around, to me it looked like a Nightmare.

Purple clouds rolled above us.

"Wasn't it blue a second ago?" I asked.

Drake looked up. "I suppose they were."

That wasn't helpful. Of course, this is Faerie.

Deciding to drop the subject, I moved my backpack to my other shoulder before asking, "Hey, where are we going?"

"We have to go through the forest of the Lost from here and then we should reach the River of Misery-"

I snorted. "The river of Misery?" Drake rolled his eyes at me. "Oh come on, give me a break; Forest of the Lost? Is that really the best you faeries can come up with?"

Drake folded his arms over his chest and stared down at me as I realized that this must have been one of those sensitive topics or that I was hurting his male faerie ego. "We call this the Forest of the Lost because those of my kind who like to steal souls, dreams, hearts, and other things like to go in there." He jabbed a thumb at the forest behind him, "and do whatever they want with said objects."

Of course it is.

"Fine, fine," I said as I began walking toward the forest, careful of the roses in front of me. "Let's go through the forest of doom and gloom-"

"Matty, wait-"


I heard a small giggle and suddenly I was on my back and pixies floated above me, giggling, pointing at me as I glared and grumbled. The tiny pixies almost looked like specks against the purple skin. A few petals went up into the air. One of the pixies grabbed it and bit into it. Drake growled and the pixies ran away.

Drake got down to his knees as I sat up, wincing. Drake grabbed my hand and I saw blood gushing from a cut on the palm of my hand.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah, yeah, hey, what are you-" Words died in my throat as Drake pressed a light kiss to the palm of my hand. My cheeks grew warm as his tongue glided over the wound, licking the blood. The slight burning pain dissolved before he pulled away to reveal perfectly skin. I gulped.

"Something wrong?" Drake asked.

"N-no," I said, "but you can let me go now."

Drake did and he helped me up as we began walking toward the forest without saying anything. My stomach was still doing nervous flip flops all because that stupid jerk kissed my hand.

"Now why are you sighing like a foolish, blind lover?" Drake asked as I glared at him "Well, you are."

I shrugged. "No reason."

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