Chapter Twenty: Down the Rabbit Hole

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"You're so lucky that Jorge didn't fire you!" Rose hissed with her head bent down slightly.

I stuffed a French fry into my mouth as Drake rested on my shoulder. Most of his body leaned on my neck and he still felt hot like he was trying to fight a fever, but he insisted that he was okay. The smell of rot had left him when I finally got home last night.

Drake asked, "Why would he fire you?"

I am definitely not telling him about Eloy.

I played with my camera and double checked the SD cards and to see if the lens was clean. We sat on a bedroom set that was supposed to be the lovely morning after. 

"I mean really, I know you don't like a lot of people, but why in hell did you knee Eloy in his junk?"

"Eloy?" Drake asked, looking down from my head.

"He's an asshole, that's why," I said, ignoring Drake as he hummed and sat back.

"What did the lovetalker want?" Drake asked.

"Why is he an asshole?"

"Because he expects everyone to want him," I said. This was true. Eloy did expect everyone to want him and it was why he thought he deserved everything. He thought he deserved my attention even though I didn't agree.

"He's a faerie, a lovetalker, of course he expects everyone to want him. That's how he lives," Drake said. "He feeds off of someone's desire for him. He lives off of it. And it must have been very strange to him to meet a human that actually sees him."

"I mean, he kind of has to have everyone want him when you think about it," Rose said as she popped a French fry into her mouth. "I mean, that's his job. That's how he makes his living."

"Well, he wanted me to be like that."

"Of course he did," Drake said.

"Well, that makes sense."

I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone

"Why?" I asked.

"I mean, that's our job. I mean when you're entertainment, you want everyone to like you. Well, when you're in front of the camera." She said with a slight grin. "I get why Eloy wanted you to like him." Rose shrugged her shoulders. "Give me a second, I better double check my makeup."

I had a funny feeling she was lying, but decided not to point it out as she got up. She disappeared.

I looked up at Drake. "How are you feeling?"

Drake winced and looked away as if me having seen him in such a weak state was a pure shame. "I'm fine, but really, how the love talker acted really shouldn't surprise you."

"You're being awfully nice."

"I still think he's a male prostitute," Drake said.

I snorted. "I thought that was your job."

Drake rolled his eyes. "Everyone I take to bed wants me, but I do not need their want," Drake noted as I highly doubted that. Drake loved the attention too much, "but he needs admiration, want, and lust from a human or a faerie."

I frowned. I didn't get it.

"It's like a vampire finding blood," Drake tried.

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