Chapter Thirty: True Love's Kiss isn't a Spell

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Drake let out a breath once the door closed behind us.

"Drake!" I hissed. "What are we going to do? We can't-"

He grabbed my face, tilted my head up slightly and pressed his mouth hard on mine. The world went silent and felt his body pressed to mine. He covered me and it was the first time I realized how much bigger Drake was than me. My body went cold and I pushed hard against him.

"Get off!" I yelled, but he pressed his hand over my mouth.

"Be quiet, listen," Drake hissed quickly back at me before pressing his mouth to mine again. The world wasn't silent. I heard the cries of people yelling in delight at a party and music. I could also hear rushing water from a river near by. Soft footsteps echoed behind Drake and I could see a couple of maids go by. They giggled and Drake pressed harder against me. I thought he might break me or the column.

I pushed him hard once the sounds of footsteps disappeared.

Breathing hard, I said, "Don't do that."

"Then don't be stupid and start sprouting out how you don't love me," He hissed. "The only reason the queen hasn't sent you home is because she wants you to forever be in the courts. She believes this love will be a way to do that."

That's new information. Not surprising, but new. Lowell might be on to something. Or he would be if he wasn't glamoured. 

He looked down at me. 

"Drake, we can't."

"Would it really be so awful?"

I looked up to see his face blank and unreadable. His eyes burned into me and I thought about dragons spitting fire. Dragon fire could melt the world. Or that's what faeries told me when I was a little girl.


It wasn't stories.

It was from the prince. He told me.

"What? Yes!" I said quickly. "I don't love you."

Drake looked down at me and touched the scarred side of my face. His fascade crumbled a little and I saw a strange soft look. His mouth turned down a little and his eyes searched my face. I wasn't sure what he was looking for.

"Think for a moment, Matty."

I wanted to find Lowell. He killed his wife! He's nothing, but the dog of the courts! His black hair fell over his eyes and I wanted to grab him by the shoulders and shake him. Drake!

"Think about what? I'm human! I don't want to be anything besides human. I have friends and family back in the human world," I said. "I have a life there."

"But how long? Think for a moment about what this marriage could give you." Why was he pushing it? If he got married he couldn't be a ladies' man so openly. Or at least, I hoped not. "You'd always be protected."

"But you're already doing that without putting a ring on my finger!" I whispered.

"If you fall in love with a human-"

"I'm in love with Lowell!" I said.

"Even if he did return your feelings, you would always be lying to him, wouldn't you?" He asked.

"Well not now..." I said.

"But if you ended up with the human boy you would always see a world he couldn't see. You'd always be pulled to us." He lowered his head until our mouths were nearly touching. I felt the head radiating off of him and I felt my cheeks grow warm. "This world, I could give you more than any human man."

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