Chapter Thirty-Four: Unicorn Promises

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Shit. Say something.


I looked around Erasmus to see a tall, slender, dark woman with the same dark purple hair. She dressed in a heavy red dress that had pearls strung on the skirt in the shape of roses and a crown of diamonds on top of her head.

Erasmus turned to look at her. "Jinx, what do you-"

She jabbed a index finger at his chest. "I knew it. I knew you were messing around in the garden again. You were supposed to go to the defense meeting. Benen did it!" I wanted to tell this lady how even if he did go, it wasn't for long and he creeped everyone here. 

"I pushed it off," Erasmus said.


"The queen is dead, the court is in chaos."

"You moron," she hissed, "the princess is still alive and that dragon is still there." I resisted the urge to smile at this. "They have already pulled their main military forces around the area."

Erasmus frowned at this. He seemed to be contemplating something before Jinx looked at me.

"Is this the human?"

"Yes." He said. He didn't have to sound so bored. 

Jinx frowned and I thought I saw her wrinkle her nose at me.

 "This little girl? This is the girl you've been waiting for? The girl you've used as an excuse so you wouldn't have to marry any of the other noble women?" She said. 


Erasmus looked down at me and didn't say anything. Jinx turned to look back at him. 

"Are you fooling me? She's tiny. How can she fight?" She glared at me. 

 I rolled my eyes. I dare her, I freaking dare her to challenge me.

"She did just best me in a sword fight." Erasmus said.

"With how much wine you drink, I'm not surprised!" Jinx said. "She doesn't look like she could carry a child! Look at those hips!" Jinx jabbed her index finger at me. "She looks like something Benen would've dragged in!"

Well lady, you don't look like you could withstand a thunderstorm for ten minutes, but you don't see me point out your flaws.

"If you want me to take out a guard of yours, I'd gladly do it to make sure I am fit." I said. 

Erasmus snorted.

"Remember human-"

"She is to be future queen, Jinx."

Jinx sucked in a deep breath. She wasn't happy with whatever Erasmus was planning and I didn't like being in the center of it. 


"Jinx," he said with a slight annoying smirk. 

"I swear I'm going to start helping Benen if you don't start getting it together." She said through gritted teeth. 

Even I know she wouldn't do that. 

"I am sorry for annoying you." Erasmus said as his mouth twitched. 

"I don't believe you," Jinx said, "if you meant it, you won't pick this." She said, pointing at me.

"She isn't an it," Erasmus said. "Human, yes, it, no." 

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