Chapter Eighteen: Vampire's Healing

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I wanted to scream , but I couldn't find my voice. My throat burned. My eyes tried to keep opened as I looked up into the sunlight. A face appeared in my vision and I saw Drake's bright pink eyes. He's human again except for the wings, ears, and eyes. So maybe he wasn't so human.

He pulled me into his arms and cradled me against his chest.

"Fox ears..." I whispered. My fingers curled into his shirt.

"...I know, Matty...I know..."


My eyes fluttered opened and my heart pounded in my ears. Blood rushed into my head as my head went back to the memory of the fox ears. The world felt warm as I launched myself forward.

"Fox ears!"

I sat up and found Drake sitting on my knee. I looked around and found I was in an office. I felt a hand squeezing mine and looked to find Keeva holding my hand.

"Matty, calm down, it's only us."

I looked around to find I was in her office. Music pounded outside the room and realized that it was pretty late if the bar was in full swing to be playing music like that. Everything in my body hurt now and ached as I heard the creak in my bones as I moved slowly.

"I don't think you should move much. I'm sure your body has seen better days and I fear if you should decide to be thick skulled and move, you'll cause worse damage and-" He began, but I stopped him.

"Drake, shut up," I muttered.

I leaned forward, closing my eyes tightly.

"So...what happened?" I began softly. Let's start with the beginning. Maybe the world would start making sense if I started with that. I opened my eyes. I felt very fragile in that moment and tired. 

Drake raised an eyebrow at me. "Didn't you fight with the other faeries who wanted to cause harm on the spirit?"

"You didn't see her?" I asked Drake. I know I tried to tell him about the fox ears before and he said he knew. He must have seen her. Or maybe she disappeared for another reason? "The faerie with a fox tail and ears."

 Drake raised an eye brow before putting his hand to his chin. "I saw...someone." 

I didn't like how he was being careful with his words. 

"You say she had fox ears?" 

I nodded. "Yeah, she called me some funny name like Tai Zee or something like that and said Ryu," I explained. I had the odd feeling that I was losing my mind for some bizarre reason.

" 'Dragon'," Dragon translated as he eyed my neck. I reached out and touched my neck. Jesus, how was I going to hide these bruises from Lowell? Or Jorge? Or Rose?

"Prince," Keeva added and she glared at Drake.

"Prince? Dragon?" I asked. "What does that mean?"

Keeva jumped in. 

"That someone knows-" Drake gave Keeva a glare. "That didn't work when we were, as humans like to coin it, screwing each other and that won't work now." Keeva looked back at me. "It means that someone knows about you."

"You mean, she knows about my sight?" The two faeries didn't look at me then and I felt a panic creep into my body. "Who is she?" I asked and the two didn't answer me. I remember her a bit more clearly now. She wanted... "Drake, she wants to kill me or take me to some prince."

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