Chapter Thirty-One: Midnight Unicorn

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I opened my eyes and saw a dark face framed in silver hair, standing over me. My right hand immediately formed a fist and rammed my fist into the face. I heard a soft yelp and he fell back as I stood up, looking around. Heavy arms wrapped around me.

"Matty, stop."

I tensed and looked to see Lowell looking down at me. I turned around and kept my hands up.


"Are you going to choke me out again?" Looking at him through my right eye, I saw the glimmer of blue around him was gone. The golden armor fell away from him and he was left with nothing, but a black undershirt and leather pants. I almost laughed at the sight, but his raccoon eyes reminded me that I threw my jab at his face. I looked around to see we were in a dark forest with the ancient trees that were so closely laced together that roots created knots in the ground. A bit farther away I could hear the rushing of water and I saw the warm fire I turned to. There was what looked like a small boy there. Silver hair pooled to the right side of his neck and I realized he was jet black, made of ink except for a tattooed red heart that looked like it was on fire in the middle of his chest.

"Choke you out?" Lowell asked. "What are you talking about?"

Did the glamour wipe it away?

"What do you remember last?"

Lowell looked up for a moment. "You were with the dragon in that group. In the throne room."

I stared at him and frowned. My fists fell to my side and unraveled.

"Shit, did you punch me?" Lowell asked, touching his nose.

"Yeah, you were trying to strangle me."

Lowell looked at me. "No, I..."

I pointed at my head with my index finger. "It was Huli Jing."

Lowell shook his head. "She wouldn't do that."

"You reek of faerie magic," a soft voice said.

We both looked to see the small boy.  As I looked at him more, I just realized he was small. That didn't technically make him a boy. There was something about his eyes that gave away his age. They were blood red and stood out against his complexion. His voice graveled and he seemed uncomfortable using it. He stood up and he stood about my height. He cradled his right cheek a little and the silver eyes that stared back at me. A horn protruded from the middle of his forehead. It looked like solid metal growing from his skull. 

"You're a unicorn." I said as Lowell looked at me with large eyes and his jaw dropped. "Oh come on, Lowell, if fiery foxes are a thing than Unicorns are real. Also, shouldn't the horn give it away?"

The unicorn nodded and took a step forward me. A small ball of fire grew in his hand. It took the shape of a rose and he offered it to me.

"You're bleeding on the inside," he said and that explained the heaviness in my chest. "I can smell it. You need this or you'll drown soon."

"Need it?" 

What was I supposed to do?

"You're supposed to eat it." Lowell said. "That's what I did."

"You're still not looking too hot and why is he helping us," I said, eying the unicorn. I didn't remember a black unicorn in the herd I met before.

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