Chapter Fourteen: Faerie Songs

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I couldn't help, but giggle as I kicked my feet up in the air. They were adorned in glass and lace. The heels felt so comfortable that I could probably stand and walk without any problem. I sat on a large white, fluffy bed with a dragon tapestry above me. My hands were covered in lace and the corset barely constricted my breathing.

This feels great. Better than normal!

I blinked. Normal? This...isn't normal.


I looked up and saw purple.







My eyes opened and sweat soaked through the pillow. I sat up, looking around the room. Everything was still dark. Sweat tangled my hair and my breathing came out hard. I couldn't catch my breath. I leaned forward and gripped my head. It's....hell, I need to run or something. I threw off the blankets and almost expected Drake to say something. The silence rang in my ears as I stood up and used the wall for balance.

I opened the door and walked into my living room.

And there was a giggle.

"Shit!" I yelled.

"Matty, it's alright!"

Drake flew in front of me as I turned on the kitchen light. He stood in the air with his arms folded over his chest. There was a naked woman with translucent wings sitting on the counter.

"What the hell!"

"Stop yelling, it's too early for this," Drake said.

I pointed at the faerie woman with light green skin. "There's a naked woman on my counter. What are you doing in my apartment?"

The woman giggled. "Just to get a report from Drake."

The sultry voice she used was clearly more for Drake than for me. 

"Awesome, can you do that and then leave?" I asked before turning to Drake. "And Drake, will you stop leaving the window opened?"

"I need to send-"

"Then do it outside of my apartment-"

Drake flew up to my face as if noticing something. "You smell like fear."

"Naked. Woman. In. my. Apartment." I said with my hands on my hips. "It's a setup for a porno which is terrifying on it's own for many reasons that I don't want to get into. Or it's a setup for a really screwed up horror movie." 

Drake flew even closer to my face. Bright pink eyes analyzed my face and searched for something that even I wasn't sure what he was finding. There seemed to be a gleam of worry in his eyes. "And why are you lying?"

"I'm not!" Drake tilted his head as I stomped past him. "Out before I decided to get the iron!"

The woman giggled before getting off my counter and walking toward my open window. She blew a kiss at Drake.

"I'll give her your report tonight," she said, smiling as Drake made a noise of acknowledgement. I sighed as she left. I went over to my tea pot on the stove. I need tea.

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