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"why are we going to this school again?"

jaebum started to get annoyed because mark already asked this question at least five times.

"like i said plenty of times before, someone owes me something," jaebum gripped the stirring wheel as he approached the school.

"and who might that be," mark asked trying to get as much information as possible.

jaebum sighed. "kim namjoon, he's the principal at this high school, i gave him something to sell a few months back and he was supposed bring the money that he made off selling it but never did. does that make sense mark?"

mark stared into space as he listened to jaebum. "yeah it does but why couldn't you wait until school was out? school hasn't even started yet."

jaebum parked the car in the student parking spaces. he turned off the engine and ran his hands over his face. he doesn't know why his dad adopted such a slow boy. mark doesn't even know what's going on half the time.

jaebum just opened the drivers door and get off. but not before saying 'let's go' to mark because he probably didn't even know what was going on.

jaebum walked into the school. he looked around for a minute. "this place is still a piece of shit," he chuckled.

he was still looking around when he spotted a petite little boy. he had a baby blue sweater on. it was showing his collarbone perfectly. he had beautiful copper hair that hung down to his eyes. his lashes were lushes. but the thing that caught his attention about the younger was his eyes. his eyes were big and brown. 'like a puppy' jaebum thought.

after examining the younger for lord knows how long, jaebum and mark went up the front desk. there was a woman, who looked to be in her 30s, behind the desk. she saw the two walk up, her eyes widened. she'd never seen such a handsome guy before in her life. she puffed out her boobs, like she was gonna get some, and fixed her hair. all for jaebum.

jaebum saw everything the lady did and tried his best not to vomit. they finally approached the front desk.

"what can i do for you fine gentlemen today," she added emphasis on 'fine'.

jaebum rolled his eyes slightly but put a little smile on his face right after. hoping she didn't catch that. "we're looking for kim namjoon," he said very straight forward.

"he's in a meeting right now. would you like to wait," she said more desperately than before.

jaebum raised an eyebrow at her and just hummed in response. they went to go sit down in the waiting room (?)

the two went on their phones. jaebum texting his father that they're at the school and that they're just waiting for him to come out. and mark doing whatever the fuck he does.

both of them felt two pairs of eyes on them and when jaebum looked up, it was the puppy he saw earlier. he was holding books in his arms and leaning against the locker just staring at jaebum. jaebum took note of that and went back to doing what he was doing before.

five minutes have passed and the two saw that it got dark. they also saw a pair of feet standing in front of them. they looked up and saw it was their other adopted brother, youngjae.

"what the hell are you guys doing here?"

mark put on a fake, yet beaming, smile. he got up and hugged youngjae. "ahhh! baby bro, we came to see you of course. why else would we be here," mark yelped the last sentence as he saw jaebum giving him a death glare.

youngjae pushed mark's arms away and stomped his feet. "cut the bullshit. i know my principle owes you money and i get you want it but why did you have to come NOW?? you know that you guys are older and you guys can be pointed out."

"that's what i said," mark exclaimed. jaebum let out a big sigh. youngjae waited for an answer. and jaebum was about to give it to him when they heard a soft voice behind them.

"youngjae ah, why did you leave us over there?" the puppy said.

youngjae hesitated for a second before turning around. "uh hey guys, what's up?"

the other guy that was with the puppy was furious. "what's up? you left us over there without saying goodbye or even where you were going!" he exclaimed.

aish, i'm sorry guys. i just saw who you guys were looking at and i panicked." while youngjae was saying that, jaebum saw the little puppy stand on his tippy toes and look over youngjae's shoulder. he could only see those beautiful eyes of his. jaebum gave the younger a little smirk and saw him gulped and back down.

"who are they youngjae ah," asked the other, calmly this time.

"guys these are my older brothers, im mark," youngjae pointed to the twig looking guy. "and im jaebum." he pointed to one who had his eyes on the puppy.

a few seconds passed and everyone was quite. then out of nowhere they all here, "jaedaddy."

everyone was shocked. even the puppy himself. his eyes widened when he realized the other four heard him. The puppy was quick to act and bowed, "i-i'm so s-sorry jaebum ssi."

jaebum was trying his hardest not to put a huge, stupid smirk on his face so all he did in return was hum.

he could see his puppy was on the verge of crying. his breathing was uneven and his whole face was red.

the other guy that was with him was making heart eyes at mark and mark was returning them. he finally noticed the puppy's state and quickly excused himself and ran to the restroom with the puppy in his arms.

the olders were left dumbfounded. they had no idea what just happened. youngjae saw their confused faces and spoke, "jackson doesn't like getting embarrassed. he never has. and he probably never will. every time he gets embarrassed he has a panic attack. jinyoung, bambam and i are the only ones who can calm him down."

so i decided not to write this ff as ddlb bc i never wrote one before and yeah. but in here jackson will act like a little kid 🤧

-rose <3

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