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"so you're one of the friends that stayed the night."

here he was. jackson wang. in the hold of im jaebum. it took jackson a lot of will power not to squeal. jackson was looking up at jaebum. jaebum's hair feel down to his eyes. his eyes. oh gosh. jackson has never seen such mysterious eyes.

jackson was too busy studying the olders features, that he didn't notice that jaebum snaked his left arm around jackson's waist. pulling him closer. lifting jackson off the ground.

jackson's breath hitched. as he was inches away from jaebum's face. oh. and jackson was blushing like crazy. the older noticed and had a stupid smirk on his face.

"shouldn't you be asleep, little one?"

jackson's cheeks couldn't get anymore darker. so wrong. jaebum calling him that made his cheeks grow dark.

"i c-couldn't s-sleep jaebum h-hyung," jackson could barely get his words out. thank god he did. he can't take anymore embarrassment. especially in front of jaebum.

"why not?" jaebum asked while running his thumb over jackson's bottom lip. he pulled it down and held it there for a while. then he let it go. watching it bounce back. jaebum hummed. being satisfied.

"because i just couldn't," jackson answered. not wanting to tell him the real reason. he would be MORE embarrassed.

they stood there for a while. looking into each other's eyes. out of nowhere, jaebum tapped jackson's thigh, causing jackson to let out a yelp and jump.

when jackson jumped, jaebum quickly grabbed jackson. making jackson wrap his legs around his waist. and jaebum holding him by his ass.

jackson was blushing like crazy. he instantly wrapped his arms around the olders neck and buried his face into his shoulder.

he doesn't know exactly why he did that. jackson didn't want the older to see him blushing. he never did this to anyone. well at the same time no one ever picked him up like jaebum is doing right now.

jaebum chuckled at jackson's cuteness. he started walking upstairs with the little one in his arms. jackson noticed they were moving but didn't think much on it. he was comfortable in the olders arms.

jaebum went up to his old room. jaebum was planning on spending the night also. it was too late to drive home anyways.

he set on the bed with jackson in his arms. he whispered to jackson, "hey little one? you sleepy?"

jackson didn't even noticed that his eye lids were slowly dropping. he hummed and said, "yes hyung."

jaebum smiled. he laid jackson down on his bed. jackson rubbed his eyes in the cutest way possible.

"what's your name, little one?" jaebum asked because he realized youngjae didn't say his name when they were being introduced.

jackson looked up at the older. he was moving to lay down next jackson. and when he did, they both turned to face each other. "jackson. jackson wang."

they both laid there. getting to know each other. until they both fell asleep, cuddling.

short chapter ik 😔 i'm sorry..

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