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"do you want to come over today?"

it's been one week since jackson saw jaebum at their school. jaebum had went into the office when jackson came out the bathroom. 'i guess he came to visit someone.' he thought.

right now, jackson was in math class. he was staring off into space, he's been doing that a lot lately.

"jackson hyung?" youngjae tapped his shoulder to get his attention.

jackson whipped his head up and looked at youngjae. "aish, i'm sorry youngjae ah. i've just been thinking a lot lately."

youngjae was worried about jackson. everyone knows that jackson wang is loud, energetic and has a lot of aegyo. now he's all down in the gutters.

"are you ok jackson hyung? you've been really down for the past week," youngjae asked.

jackson looked down. truth is whenever jackson would embarrass himself in front of someone who looked important, he was go into a depressed mood for a few days. but it's been a week. he doesn't know what's going on with him.

youngjae saw how hesitate he was. so he brushed the question off. "uh, would you like to come over today? we can invite jinyoung and bambam too and watch movies and get fat."

jackson laughed. he was glad he had friends like youngjae to make him laugh or even brighten his mood up. youngjae and jackson have only been friends for a few months but it feels longer.

"sure. i would love to go to your house today," jackson said with the biggest smile on his face.

youngjae clapped his hands. maybe a little too loud because the teacher had shushed him. they both looked at each other and tried their hardest not to laugh out loud.

after school youngjae and jackson waited for jinyoung and bambam at the front gates. youngjae had a driver because that hoe was boujee as fuck. youngjae's driver was waiting for the four of them patiently.

jinyoung and bambam finally walked out. jinyoung ran over to the two and greeted them. bambam was taking forever just to say bye to his boyfriend, kim yugyeom. the three rolled their eyes in unison.

"hey hoes, it's not like you guys will see each other tomorrow. it's only thursday," jackson yelled to the clingy couple.

the other two laugh at jackson and bambam just flicked him off. since jackson said that, bambam was taking his sweet time with yugyeom. this cause the others to groan.

the three looked at each other and nodded. they all got in the car but not before saying bye to bambam.

bambam saw this and quickly gave his boyfriend and kiss and ran off to get in the car.

"bitches." bambam breath out.

they all laughed and the driver started the car and headed to youngjae's house.

the four of them decided to just stay the night at youngjae's house. right now, they all were in his big ass house, in his big ass room, watching some movie and eating snacks.

it's now 10:30 and everyone was knocked out on youngjae's bed. well everyone except jackson. he couldn't sleep. he was thinking about things.

jackson's eyes were getting heavy. he rolled over and was about to passed out but then he heard the front door open.

his eyes immediately flew open and he sat up straight. he didn't know if he should get up and see what was happening or stay in bed and let youngjae's house get robbed.

he sighed and did the responsible thing.

he laid back down. his ass was not about to die today.

a few minutes later he heard talking coming from the kitchen. it was only one voice though. so he thought if it was only one person he could take him, right?

jackson got up and downstairs. he was really nervous. before he left the room, he grabbed something heavy. he doesn't know what but he took it anyways.

he tip toed downstairs. he reached the kitchen and heard that it was a man. he seems to be talking on the phone.

"i don't know man, the driver said youngjae brought over three friends today and i guess they decided to stay the night," the mysterious voice said.

the voice sent chills down jackson's spine. 'it's so deep' he thought.

the man ended the call and was beginning to walk out of the kitchen. jackson didn't even noticed until he and the man collided together. jackson's head hitting the mans chest.

jackson was too scared to look up so he kept his head down for a while.

the man cleared his throat, which cause jackson to jump but not look up.

the man then reached down and grabbed jackson's chin and gently made him look up.

jackson kept his eyes closed and he pouted his lips. They were like that for a while. Until..

"Open," the man commanded. jackson jumped again. he did what he was told and open his eyes. jackson gasped when he saw who it was.

"jaebum ssi?"

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