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today is friday.

jaebum never called jackson for his birthday. meaning, they didn't do anything for his special day.

jackson was hurt but he thought about it. 'maybe jaebum is a very busy man. i mean, he did have a suit on when i first met him. he has a driver.'

jackson knew it was wrong to be mad at him. he knew something must've been wrong. he knew jaebum would've called him. but, in this case, he didn't.

jackson shook these thoughts away when he saw his school coming into view.

he smiled when he saw his friends. but his smile left his face when he saw how gloomy everyone looked. everyone except for bambam and jinyoung. they both were chatting the morning away. the ones who looked gloomy were youngjae and yugyeom. huh?

jackson approached his friend circle. "good morning birdies," he greeted with a happy smile.

immediately, youngjae and yugyeom's frowns turned into a smile. you can count on jackson to make your day one thousand percent better.

"good morning hyung," they all greeted.

"what's up with those two."

it's now lunch time. the five amigos were in the cafeteria. bambam and jinyoung were seated next to jackson and youngjae and yugyeom were seated together.

both of them didn't look as gloomy as this morning. no. now, it was awkward. literally on that side of the table it was full of awkward silence. (that one cliche moment)

"obviously cereal is fucking soup, jinyoung. you eat that bitch with a spoon, like soup. you slurp that hoe up, like soup. the cereal is the noodles in soup. how dumb are you jinyoung, like seriously."

jinyoung sat there, being the nonchalant man he is. waiting for bambam to finish. "are you done?"

bambam huffed and crossed his arms, "yes."

"well, for starters, cereal isn't fucking hot. soup is made hot and with vegetables. cereal contains sugar. soup is suppose to be made to help you feel better. now tell me, are you dumb or fucking dumb?"

bambam scoffed, "so."

everyone chuckled. they knew whenever he does that, he knows he lost.

"are you guys okay?" jackson asked the silent pair. jinbam went back to an unnecessary topic.

the pair looked at each other but quickly looked away. "yes," a quick mumble was all jackson got.

"um okay then,"

after school, youngjae came up to jackson.

"um do you want to come over," he fiddled with jackson's sweater. he was nervous about something.

jackson's little small and delicate fingers grabbed youngjae's hand. he gave it a squeeze.

"of course i will youngjae," he said with a smile.

they both went to youngjae's car. well, his drivers car.  youngjae still looked nervous as hell. but when they arrived at his house, his face went pale.

"um, are you sure want me to be here, you're face looks pale." jackson felt youngjae's forehead for a fever.

"no i-it's fine," he gave his hyung a reassuring smile. and with that they got out of the car. walked up to the front door. their butler opened the door and bowed to the two men.

youngjae was leading jackson somewhere in the house. right now, they were on the second floor, going down to, what looks like, the room at the end of the hallway.

before they went inside, youngjae stopped. grabbed the others hands. "now when i open this door, do not, do NOT scream okay?"

jackson scoffed. "when do i scream youngjae,"

youngjae let go of the others hands and crossed his arms. "i can name countless of times. look, i'm telling you not to scream because you intend to scream loud and you are very dramatic."

"oh as if!" jackson yelped, while his voice crack a little.

youngjae smirked and opened the door. jackson trailed behind him. when he heard a deep voice.

"what do you want now youngjae-" he finished his sentence but his breath hitched when a little body was pushed from behind youngjae.

"well, gotta go, see ya." youngjae talked rapidly and left as quick as he talked.

jackson stood there. looking at his feet, playing with his sweater paws. he knew who the voice belonged to but didn't bother to look up. he doesn't know exactly why. like he said, he's not mad at him, just upset.

"why hello, little one," jaebum finally spoke. which cause jackson to look up and when he did he gasped.

jaebum had a bandage wrapped around his torso. a few scratches here and there. his upper body had bruises everywhere.

jackson rushed to jaebum. "oh my goodness, hyung what happened to you?!"

all jaebum could do is chuckle. but once his chuckle came out of his mouth, jackson gave him a glare, which shut him up right away.

"um, something happened at work," jaebum cleared his throat.

"this doesn't look like something that could happen at work. you look like you had surgery. where do you work, hyung?"

the older hesitated. he's a fucking leader of a gang. he doesn't know if telling jackson is a good idea. his thoughts were interrupted by jackson.

"if i knew better, i would say you were shot," jackson giggled. while jaebum was puzzled. jackson noticed and continued. "i want to be a surgeon when i get older, i'm actually studying a little now. i know the basics,"

jaebum stared at his little one. 'why was he so perfect.'

jackson snapped his fingers. "earth to hyung, where do you work?" jackson asked again.

should he tell him? maybe his reaction won't be so bad. but then again, he could go bonkers on jabeum. maybe jackson will want nothing to do with him anymore. he sighed.

he looked up. he stared into jackson's big beautiful eyes. he was hesitant at first but finally,

"i'm a leader of a gang, little one."


so you mean to tell me, got7 and wayv are killing their comebacks?!?!?!?! then here comes stray kids, having one in FOUR DAYS????? sigh, i miss woojin. chan is a single dad with 7 bad ass kids 😭

oh I'm back 🙈 teehee. I'll try to update for you guys 😭 love yous 💜

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