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"what are you looking at?"

jackson didn't hear bambam's question. he was too busy staring down a gorgeous man that just walked into his school.

actually two of them walked in the school. but jackson's eyes were on the first one.

jinyoung hit jackson in the stomach. "ow," jackson pouted, "what was that for, jinyoungie?"

"bambam asked what you were looking at," he asked while staring down the other man. jackson just rolled his eyes and turned to bambam.

"did you not see that gorgeous hunk walk into our school," jackson turned to see that he stopped at the front desk.

"uh yeah. he's cute but not that cute," jackson looked at bambam with a confused looked.

"as if that makes sense," jackson went back to staring at the mysterious guy. he was tall. taller than jackson. like way taller. he had a mullet. people now and days don't pull of mullets but he can pull off anything. he looked older. around like twenty-two or twenty-three. he had a strong jawline. oh god. his jawline. 'he's just a fucking god.' jackson thought.

"hey guys," jinyoung, jackson and bambam turned in the direction of the voice.

"hey youngjae," bambam greeted. jackson and jinyoung went back to eye-balling the older males. bambam and youngjae were having their own conversation.

five minutes passed and the two were still staring the olders down. they were just waiting by the front desk. as if they're waiting for someone to come out. youngjae noticed that jackson and jinyoung weren't talking. jackson is always talking so this was brought to his attention.

"jackson hyung, jinyoung hyung why are you guys so quiet," youngjae asked worryingly. youngjae looks in the direction they're looking. when youngjae notices who they're looking at he eyes widen.

"what the fuck," youngjae whispers.

"what is it," bambam asked.

"uh nothing," youngjae says quickly. he starts to walk in the direction of the two older males. the other three are left confused.

"uh does youngjae know those guys?" jinyoung asked.

"i have no fucking clue." bambam said just as confused and curious as jinyoung.

"should we go over there?" jackson asked.

"why would we do that? we don't even know them," jinyoung said. jackson looks at his feet, with a pout. he doesn't know why he asked that stupid question. jinyoung was right, they didn't know them.

jinyoung sees how upset jackson is. he sighed. "fineeeeee," jinyoung dragged out. jackson look up with a big smile on his face.

"uh you guys go ahead, yugyeom wants to meet me in the janitors closet," bambam said with a smug look on his face. the other boys teased bambam for a few seconds before he left.

jinyoung and jackson walked over to where youngjae was with the two older guys. jackson taps youngjae's shoulder. "youngjae ah," jackson said rather cutely. he was swinging his arms around, just a little. "why did you leave us over there?"

youngjae turned around with a startled look. youngjae calm down when he realized it's just his friends. "uh hey guys, what's up?"

"what's up?? you just left us over there without saying goodbye or even where you were going," jinyoung exclaimed.

"aish, im sorry guys. i just saw who you guys were looking at and i panicked."

jackson looked over youngjae's shoulder. jackson's mystery guy was staring jackson down. like if looks could kill. jesus fucking christ. and it wasn't even a welcoming look. it was a look like jackson was his prey. jackson gulped and got off his tip toes.

"who are they youngjae ah?" jinyoung asked being impatient. jinyoung wanted to know who HIS mystery man was.

youngjae ran his hands through his hair. he hesitated for a minute or two. but he finally introduced them.

"guys, this is my older brothers, im jaebum and mark tuan," youngjae finally introducing them.

youngjae pointed to jackson's mystery man when he said im jaebum. "jaedaddy," jackson tried to whisper the nickname but failed horribly. his eyes widened when he realized he said that a little too loud. his cheeks grew a dark shade of pink.

"uh im sorry jaebum ssi," jackson scramble to say his words as he bowed to the older.

all jaebum did was hum in return.

'gosh, i already made a bad first impression to god himself.' jackson thought.

jackson is very emotional. the littlest things made him emotional. happy, sad, etc. mixed emotions even.

jackson was on the urge of crying. he hates being embarrassed. he never got use to it. and now he's more embarrassed than ever.

jinyoung and mark were making googly eyes at each other the whole time that happened. jinyoung took a second to look at jackson and notice how red his face was. how pouty his lips were and how glossy his eyes were. jinyoung bowed to both mark and jaebum and quickly took jackson to the bathroom.

"are you okay," jinyoung asked while wiping his tears away. jinyoung didn't hear jackson respond. all he heard was sniffing. he felt more tears fall on his hands. jackson started rubbing his big brown eyes. he looked up at jinyoung with the a big pout.

"i embarrassed myself in front of a god."

no jackson is not a little. or maybe he is 😏

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