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friday. meeting up with jisoo.

jaebum arrived at the house. and yes, by saying "the house" it means the gang house. where mostly all the people who work for jaebum stay. most of them, the bodyguards mainly, have families. so they live somewhere else.

he pulled up to the gates, and he's greeted by his top notch bodyguard, yugyeom. "don't you have school, yugyeom ah?" jaebum asked with a little smirk. yugyeom was his favorite bodyguard. he knew how to have a good time. yugyeom would sometimes talk about his long time best friend and boyfriend, bambam. the way his eyes would light up as he talked about him. jaebum knew that feeling. he missed that feeling.

yugyeom chuckled. "just waiting on your call boss man," jaebum laughs while shaking him head.

"well you're excused yugyeom. have a nice day at school."

yugyeom smiled. "yes sir," and with that he left.

jaebum pulled into the gates and he parked his car. he got out and locked the car.

he walked up to the door and opened. and man does he wish he was with jackson because once he walked in, he was greeted with a loud and ear piercing scream. "jisoo," he mumbled and rolled his eyes.

he walked up the stairs to his office. right when he turned the corner, he sees jisoo banging on his office door screaming, "OPEN THE DOOR JAEBUM!"

"what the fuck do you want jisoo." he said he in a rather annoyed and deep voice.

she jumped when she heard his voice. before she turned around, she fix her clothes and pushed her boobs up.

she turned around and cleared her throat. "hi baby," she said while walking towards him with a smile.

"don't 'hi baby' me. i asked you a question," he gritted his teeth together. balling his hands into fist.

she walked closer to him and put her hand out to touch his face but he quickly grabbed her wrist, tightly. "i'm not gonna ask again."

she looked down. like she was about to cry or something. jaebum had enough. "three."






he looked at her. no sympathy. no pity. nothing but disgust in his eyes. he scoffed. "yeah right. the real reason."

the sniffling stopped. she looked up and wiped her fake tears away. "fine," she yanked her wrist back from jaebum's grasped. "daddy kicked me out and i need a place to stay."



"NO." he said a little louder.

jisoo ended up staying because mark is a little too nice. she sleeps in one of the guest rooms. of course she tried to sleep with jaebum in his room but he dragged that hoe back to the guest room.

right now it was sunday. two days since jaebum has seen jackson. he misses his baby boy.

jaebum was in his office. working on paperwork. he still hasn't gotten his money from kim namjoon so he jotted that down. he was halfway down with his paperwork when there was a knock on his door. "come in."

jisoo appeared from behind the door. she walked in and closed door behind her. she looked down and played with her hands.

"what the fuck do you want." jaebum sighed with annoyance.

"i want to go to a cafe," she finally looked up with puppy eyes at him.

jaebum scoffed. "and what? you want me to take you? i've already done enough by letting your slutty ass stay here and now you want me to take you to a cafe? don't you see how much paperwork i have to do?"

"i'm not slutty." she mumbled.

"oh yeah? so after you cheated on me with wonho, how many other guys did you sleep with? hm? like five or six more, right?"

she smirked. remembering those times. when she realized she wasn't going to get what she wanted, her smirk left her face. she then started to stomp her feet and throwing her hands in the air. she started yelling, "I WANT TO GO TO THE CAFE!!"

jaebum tried to go back to his work. trying to block out her screaming but failed as she moved closer. he slammed his hands on his desk. his jaw poking out visibly. knowing that he's mad.

"go. get. in. the. fucking. car. NOW!" he said spacing out his words. jaebum has a short temper if you couldn't tell.

jisoo, once again, wiped her fake tears, fixed her hair and pushed up her boobs and smiled while walking out.

jaebum sighed. he called his driver and told him to meet him at the front.

he took his unfinished paperwork and put it in a separate stack from the finished work and walked out.

they both greeted the driver and ask him to drive to the nearest cafe.

when they got there jaebum told jisoo to go order what she wanted, with her OWN money, and he'll stay in the car.

about five minutes passed and jaebum just got off the phone with a man he's suppose to have a meeting with. he hung up and realized jisoo wasn't back and punched the seat. "fuck!"

he got out the car and walked into the cafe. when it comes to jaebum he has no shame whatsoever. when he walked in he snapped. "what the fuck woman, why the hell are you taking so long?!"

he looked at where jisoo was. and to his surprise, she was at a table with two high schoolers he recognized. jisoo was bending over pinching jackson's cheeks and calling him cute before jaebum yelled at jisoo.

jackson looked at jaebum in shocked.

"baby boy."


little one, baby boy or both? 🤔

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