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somewhere in seoul.

"i want him. and i want him now!"

yoongi sighed. "please, taehyung," he rubbed his eyes with two fingers, "he's in a relationship. he's happy."

taehyung pouted. then he slammed his hands on the desk. "i don't care. he's mine. i love him and," he smiled a little, "he loves me too."

the older gave him a look of disgust. "didn't you cheat on him? on graduation day? honestly, if i were him, i'd never want to see you again," he said with a straight face.

taehyung rolled his eyes. "he wasn't giving me what i wanted. which was sex. he wanted to take our relationship slow," he crossed his arms. "jimin was there and he gave me what i wanted."

yoongi ran his fingers through his hair. "please don't do this. you're gonna ruin their lives. jaebum's life especially. he doesn't need to go through this again."

"shut up, hyung! you don't know what you're talking about!"

yoongi clenched his teeth to prevent himself from snapping at taehyung. he knows how much of a crybaby he is when someone yells at him.

"now," taehyung pulls out his phone and dials a number. "ah, jungkook, want to make some extra money?"

taehyung smirked.

yoongi sighed.

graduation day.

after the ceremony, jackson ran up to jaebum and jumped in his arms. jaebum picked the smaller up and spun them around.

"i did it, hyung! i graduated! i graduated!"

tears were coming out of jackson's eyes as he hugged the older tighter.

jaebum sat the other down. he wiped jackson's tears away and smiled at him. he then pulled him into a kiss.

"i'm so proud of you, baby," jaebum whispered against jackson's lips. said man smiled into the kiss.

"yo, losers," the couple pulled away from each other's lips and look to where the voice came from.

they turned to see the rest of their friend group. jinyoung, in his cap and gown, the three maknaes and mark dressed in regular clothes.

jinyoung and jackson hugged each other tightly. "we did it, nyoungie."

jinyoung hummed in response and smiled.

"yo, hoes," bambam gained their attention again. the seven of them are planning on celebrating. by going out to eat and drinking at youngjae's house afterwards.

as they were all walking to the parking lot jackson had the sudden urge the use the bathroom. "um, guys?"

they all turned to jackson at once. "what's wrong, little one?"

jackson's heart did a flip. he would never get tired of hearing his boyfriend call him 'little one' or any name for that matter.

"i need to use the potty," he looked down as he heard bambam, youngjae and mark groaned. "can't you wait till we get to the restaurant?" bambam asked as his stomach needed food.

"no," he responded quietly. "i haven't gone all day. i was nervous."

"don't listen to them, seunie," jaebum rubbed his back softly. "do you want me to go with you?"

"no thank you, bunmie hyung."

after jackson finished his business, he washed his hands. after he knew twenty seconds was over, he turned around to dry his hands but his face collided with a chest.

"o-oh i'm sorry," jackson quickly apologized and bowed to the man.

the unknown man didn't say anything. which was getting pretty awkward for jackson. so he tried to walk around the man to leave but the man roughly grabbed his wrist and slammed him again the wall.

jackson let out a groan. he looked at the man and didn't recognize him. "excuse me, i need to leave, sir."

the nameless man didn't say anything. then, out of nowhere, he started to lick jackson's neck.

jackson shivered. the man then started to suck on jackson's neck.

jackson tried to moved his hands to push him away but realized that they were tied behind his back.

"what the fuck are you doing!" jackson yelled but the man only chuckled.

"don't worry, sweetheart," he started to kiss up jackson's neck to his jaw. then he whispered, "i'll make it worth your while."

"no, p-please," jackson pleaded. but the man just began going rougher. covering his neck with brutal bruises.

jackson begged and begged for him to let him go. jackson thinks the more he begged, the more the man got turned on.

jackson and the man heard the bathroom door opened and both of their heads snapped in the direction of the door.

there stood jaebum.

jackson's eyes widened and he smiled. thank you, god. thank you for saving me. he thought.

but when he looked at jaebum, there was no smile. all he saw was a anger jawbum.

his eyes darted to the unknown man, who had a nasty smirk on his face.

jaebum looked at jackson with no emotion on his face. he didn't notice jackson's hands tied up behind him when he turned around and walked straight out of the bathroom.

"jaebummie hyung? hyung! hyung, please! please come ba-"

"shut the hell up! he isn't come back for you."

"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME? PLEASE! please.. just let me go," jackson whispered the last part.

the man shook his head. "no can do, sweetheart. i'm getting paid good money for you. you're coming with me."

and with that, he pulled jackson out of the bathroom and took him to taehyung.


if you don't remember, tae cheated on jaebum in the restroom on graduation day when they were in high school.

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