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wednesday. jackson's birthday.

jaebum and jackson have been texting non stop since sunday.

sometimes they would even talk on the phone late at nights. like midnight. jaebum would tell jackson to go to bed because he will be tired at school the next day but jackson didn't listen. and the next day jackson would go to school sleepy as fuck.

today is different though. jackson woke up not tired but feeling like a prince. today was his day. and nobody was going to ruin it.

the first thing he did was check his phone. for a specific someone. he saw some birthday wishes here and there but he was looking for jaebum's wish.

he saw nothing.

"maybe he's not awake yet," jackson half smiled. he got up to get dressed for his day.

at 'the house'.


"sir, we're trying our best but we can't if you keep yelling and moving," dr sicheng replied calmly. he and two other doctors were trying to calm jaebum down but all three failed.

yugyeom came rushing in the room he was in. youngjae following behind quickly. youngjae went up to jaebum and slapped him. the three doctors quickly released jaebum because they knew of his temper.

"what in the actual fuck is wrong with you! you go out and get shot. you're telling these poor doctors to hurry up and take this fucking bullet out of you, yet you keep moving! calm the fuck down jaebum, you're not even letting them do their damn job! if you keep moving, i'm gonna shove my foot so far up your a-"

youngjae was cut off by yugyeom telling him it was okay and to calm down. jaebum was left in pure shock. his kid brother never told him off like that.

he gave the doctors a look of apology. he doesn't know what came over him. maybe it was because of the fact that it was his baby boys birthday and he got shot the night before.

jaebum gave a nod to sicheng and sicheng quickly took him out of the room and into surgery.

youngjae was in yugyeom's arms, sobbing. he knew jaebum wasn't hurt really bad. in fact, getting shot is nothing new with jaebum. whenever he does get shot, it hurts youngjae more than anything. jaebum basically raised his kid brother. their parents were rarely home. so jaebum took care of youngjae by himself. then mark came along. their parents were rarely home and still decided to adopt mark? never made sense to none of them.

once youngjae calm down, he looked up to meet yugyeom's eyes. "i'm s-so sorry, yugyeom ssi. this happens every t-time hyung gets shot and y-you don't d-deserve this." he whispered the last part.

the taller shushed the other. and smiled fondly at youngjae. he rubbed youngjae's back and replied, "it's okay hyung. i know how emotional you get whenever the boss man gets hurt. and that's okay, no matter what i'll always be here,"

they are now staring into each other's eyes. faces inches apart. they stay like that for a while. enjoying each other's presence. in that while, it felt like both of them were the only ones in the whole world. youngjae swears yugyeom's face was getting closer but he didn't mind. all he wanted was this.

ring ring.

something you don't want to hear when you're about to kiss someone. a dumb fucking cell phone ringing. the shorter swear he wanted to throw it and continue what he was doing. but he doesn't think yugyeom felt the same. he thinks the ringing brought him back to reality because he slightly pushed youngjae back and answered.

"hey babe," yugyeom walked out of the room, talking on the phone.

youngjae doesn't know what he's more hurt about. the fact that yugyeom doesn't care or the fact that he was going to do that to bambam..

y'all KNOW i had to throw yugjae in this bitch. i just LOVE tea. i live for it.

more jackbum next chapter:)

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