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"should we wake him up?"

jackson and jaebum had stayed up until almost 2 am. just getting to know each other. looking into each other's eyes.

jackson doesn't know exactly why but he didn't feel embarrass anymore. any embarrassment he had, was all gone.

jaebum would smile softly whenever jackson was ramble about something that once happened to him.

jaebum now feels the need to protect the little one at all cost. if it kills him, then he died protecting someone he..

well both of them really don't know what feeling they have for each other. it can't be love. they just met.

jackson hopes that the moment they shared last night, will never be forgotten. by both of them.

also, he hopes that it wasn't a one time thing and hopes to see the other again.

"well duh, we have school in like 20 minutes!"

jackson heard his bitch ass friends but didn't bother waking up.

"jackson hyung. wake up. we have school." jinyoung softly shook him while whispering.

he opened his eyes for a brief second and sees all of his friends standing around him.

he felt the spot next to him. the spot where jaebum should be. but when jackson went to hit the spot, his hand just hit the cold mattress.

'i knew it was too good to be true.' jackson was on the urge of tears. but he remembered his friends being there (mostly youngjae), and didn't let one drop.

he sat up in his spot. jackson is the most cute in the morning but then again when isn't he?

his hair was in different directions. he rubbed his big, beautiful eyes ever so cutely. he stretched his tiny arms and hands in the air while yawning. his friends looked at him like he was a little puppy. (which he was)

"what were you doing in this room? nobody ever comes in here, it's my brothers," youngjae asked while raising a eyebrow and crossing his arms.

"u-uh i thought it w-was your room, you know it was really dark," jackson hugged his legs still upset about jaebum not being here.

youngjae went to crouch next to the side of the bed. he rubbed jackson's back. he was worried about jackson. he was, once again, quiet. "hey jackson ah, are you feeling okay?"

he smiled at youngjae. bambam and jinyoung went to tackle jackson, followed by youngjae.

"ahhh! why are you guys atta-" jackson was in a middle of his sentence when they all started tickling him. jackson left out the biggest laugh ever. he was laughing so hard that he was running out of breath.

"hajima! hajima pleaseeee!" he said in between breaths.

his friends stopped. whenever jackson was happy and smiling, everyone else was happy. they didn't like seeing him upset because that made them upset also.

everyone got up. "let's get you ready for school."

it was now sunday. jackson and jinyoung were both at a little cafe down the street from jinyoung's house. they decided to hang out today before they had to go back to school monday.

"so jackson ah, what do you want for your birthday?"

jackson looked from his muffin. his mouth was stuffed with the muffin. "maf brfday?" jackson asked tilting his head to the side.

'so cute' jinyoung smiled, forming wrinkles around his eyes.

"yes wang gae, your birthday is on wednesday."

jackson's eyes lit up. he completely forgot about his birthday. his 18th birthday. how the fuck did he forget.

he hurried up and chewed his muffin and swallowed it. "my birthday is on wednesday!" he exclaimed. he clapped his hands together and was jumping up and down in his sit. he had the biggest smile on his face.

jinyoung laughed at the others behavior. jackson is and will always be the most precious little boy he ever met.

after talking for about 5 minutes about his birthday, the cafe door opened. the bell rung which made jinson look up.

it was a very beautiful woman. she was slim and curvey. one of the most beautiful women jinson had ever seen.

she saw them staring at her and she smiled so sweetly. she walked over to them and introduced herself.

"anyounghaseyo i'm kim jisoo!"

jinson greeted her back. she then asked if they would recommend anything because she has never been here before.

"the muffin is really good! the original one." jackson excitingly said. jisoo pinched jackson's cheeks like he was a little kid. jackson blushed at her action.

"thank you.."

"jackson. and this is jinyoung." he gestured to the other across the table.

jisoo smiled. she thanked the boys once more and bowed. when she turned to walk to the counter but someone walked in and she turned to them.

"what the fuck woman, why the hell are you taking so long?!"

jackson's eyes widened at where the voice came from.

clichè i know 😔

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